2010. december 31., péntek

... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ...

almost there almost there just 3 more hours oh guys i'm so excited and it's my mother's birthsday december 31st 10pm and dad and me we made a delicious cake together i wisked and decorated and it really looks good but mum's not allowed to taste it till ten so it's 1 more hour so till then we are gonna play champions and before midnight i'll pick my names the ones who can join to andrew finnie but now i've to go see you later

2010. december 26., vasárnap


oh got lots of things to do today and just got a couple of minutes to share my winter letters with you. i gotta tell you that the idea came while scrolling williebaronet and his tricky drawings made me create my own letterstyle version of winter so here it is what do you think? i think the w is perfect and the e and the t are almost there

and i've some more letters to you and this time there's no drawing involved and it is my poem actually that i wrote 1 year ago and it's about cold cold december which is winter so it fits. and wanna know how it came to my mind? i mean that i've this poem of december. well for lunch today we wanted to eat fishsoup that mum made yesterday morning and dad thought it needed some adjustment so in secret at night he played some cooking but forgot to put the thing back in the fridge so today at lunch we had to realize that the whole soup had gone berserk. and then we decieded to go out but both the gyros stand and the chinese restaurant were closed so we had to walk back home in the freezing cold and it was really really cold almost as cold as a year before and dad told me hey lili do you remember your poem and i said oh yeah my poem sure so here it is both the handwritten original in hungarian and i'll give you the translation too and you've to know that the translator is tamás heil a friend of my mum and now i can remember his brother who was meant to draft the plan of our loft studio but couldn't finish it cos he died cos he was very very sick and i drew a magic drawing to him that should have been placed underneath his pillow and that drawing those little ants could have taken that awful illness away piece by piece in their little parcels during the nights while him sleeping but i failed to give it to him and now it feels a bit bad and sad and now i think i'd like to dedicate this poem to him and it's called the winter and it is really an ode







2010. december 25., szombat

Jesus was here

i mean well not jesus but the angels and tell you what and that's true they were dressed up in black and their wings were black too and there's a very bright greenish rectangle light somewhere around them the size of a brick well i didn't actually see any angels only some parts like the light a head black silhouettes heard the sound of the wings a couple of chuckles here and there and angel whistle so you can put these angelic things together and here they are and it's serious. before yesterday i'd had some doubts maybe that's why i told dad to buy the tree together i don't know and mum told me not to worry cos if my beliving in the angels delivering my gifts was sort of fading it was going to be her who'd take care of my wishes and told me she had already bought me some little something just in case so it was the first time we decorated the tree together and it looks wonderful and we made a lot of ornaments and baked a beautiful chocolate cake and lots of gingerbreads together and even made some tiny parcels to our neighbours and hung them onto their doorhandles secretly and when the sun went down it was time to go for a walk to let the angels do their duties so we decieded to go and see the lonesome dog down the street and wish him a merry christmas but he wasn't there though the visiting wasn't in vain cos on the way we sensed the angels and they were black and hiding but they were there for sure and i can tell you our home was visited by the angels too and i was given lots and lots of gifts i got books a boardgame a mic for singing karaoke a coraline doll that's not available here in hungary! a real sewing machine a box of fortune cockies a beautiful framed poster of a jazzy band of funny animals a plush finger puppet bat a worm shaped thermometer and a dvd a beautiful animation called u that's the title simply u for unicorn and it must be seen for sure cos it is so good we've already watched it and of course mum and dad gave me their gift too which is a beanbag hammockchair. oh and i got a magic box from my gerő and zsombi my cousins and my grandma said on the phone yesterday that there were some boxes under their tree with my name on them oh and today with mum and dad i played a lot sang karaoke and played boardgame and now in bed i'm gonna read one of my new book George's secret key to the universe and it's very very interesting and i'm gonna show you what i gave to mum and dad but first i gotta take some pictures tomorrow and maybe i'll draw something as well okay i have to go now so merry christmas and see you tomorrow bye

so as promised here come my pigs that i made to my mum as gifts for christmas and i pictured them on my pansydaisy bag. the other gift that i gave to my father can't show you cos it is a huge posterlike drawing of dad as he's shooting the basketball while me and mum are cheering

2010. december 23., csütörtök

No mailman allowed!

i know i know i'm a bit late again but finally i figured out what this mail thing was about for me and i have to link here mister foster's animation of no mail delivery where i found my idea of MAIL cos he mentioned that awful dog spray too then bingo i just knew what to do so here is the dog who actually likes every kind of mailmen but it is his face that makes it hard to belive but he can't help it right? he was born like this you know and all he got is that damn dog spray all the time but he always forgives them for that and keeps on hoping for a real friend cos his master is real grumpy and never hugs him just tells him keep out stinky dog and bark at those kids and mailmen and that no good master even pinned a sign sayin no mailman allowed which means no more bad news but it's not the way to keep them out right anyway poor dog my heart i'll hug you and i tell you no need to worry cos you know his bark is worse than his bite or something like that bye

2010. december 14., kedd

Blog anniversary & Giveaways

hey everyone I've already mentioned that my blog is 1 year old and to celebrate this i'd like to give away some of my drawings in a little booklet and my handmade gizmos originally made for st lucy school fair. they are penguin and snowman pins that i sewed and are made of baize and they are really funny but i have to tell you that mum helped me a bit and she even helped me with the cellophane packaging i mean she made the packing for me cos i watched a little x factor instead and it was horrible really i don't know why everybody's raving about that at school so i had to choose a personal favorite but she got dropped so anyway i'll pick one or maybe two of you who've made comments on this blog of mine and every comment counts and i'll pick the names on the last day of this year in the very last hour. so be prepared i'm very excited cos this gonna be my first blog contest.
oh and for some possible bonus i don't know tokens here is a riddle so you'd better listen carefully: a cowboy goes into town on friday for 3 days. he leaves on friday. how did he do it?

2010. december 13., hétfő

Something like a phenomena

hear me out everyone i've got here and now something that's really like a phenomenon! or can a painting be a phenomenon or it must be a someone? anyway i've chosen mona lisa's smile of which it is said that it changes depending on where you look. this summer in paris i saw her but the place was too crowded so i couldn't check that on the spot but i managed to take a picture and that action of mine was pictured too so i can show you the moment as well but it's not the point here cos i made my own enigmatic version of that smile and it's not that perfect as da vinci's but i had to twist it a bit to have the required effect that i haven't experienced yet but i belive it is close to that of the original phenomenon. so here comes my smile. first i tried to be much more realistic but it didn't work out so in this final version i really focused on the smile itself so the rest of the face is made to serve that goal only that's why it became that rough and insideout.
and i like to tell you how i came up with this frenetic idea. i was watching dining out with timon & pumbaa and there was that funny moment that accident with the painting and then pumbaa said hey look timon! you're timonalisa! and for that timon said now's not the time for comedy pumbaa!

2010. december 12., vasárnap

In prehistoric times again

i know prehistory is over but on tuesday tomás serrano planted that thing in my mind about those caves in his neighbourhood and yesterday i googled altamira and now that's really great but i think that drawing of mine didn't quite fit and i thought i should come up with something more prehistoric i mean as prehistoric as those caves and i made this quick sketch of this prehistoric dude and his prehistoric pet and they are posing as friends on the wall of the cave and my prehistoric man doesn't eat mammoth cos the two are like Manny and Diego from the ice age movie you know so my man eats only roots and stuff. and tomás is right about his place named santander sounding almost like my place szentendre and i really like this kind of links and who knows maybe one day i should go to santander too

2010. december 6., hétfő


i was just about to draw some prehistoric creatures when Luca came and took my paper. she's almost 3 so it's dangerous to say no to her and i let her do some scribbles which is actually me according to her and after she threw it away i fetched my pen and made some adjustments here and there see those blue cubes? that was me and this mix of our lines look kind of interesting and i think it is a real trace of our prehistoric time i mean okay i could write down my thoughts if i wanted to do so but Luca still in her prehistoric time and she is still hard to read even understand her high squeaky voice so i guess my cubes may make her figure in the middle make sense of a sort cos with my cubes her lines can be really seen as a kid playing at kindergarten but i know prehistoric remains are almost imposible to figure out and sometimes even i can't figure out my old drawings so that's our prehistoric thing for this week bye

2010. november 29., hétfő

Savour - of one kind or another

Okay okay i see you seem not to have liked my sneaky no comment so far and now i have only a couple of minutes before bedtime so i want to upload my quick drawings and share them with you on illustration friday cos i'm quite happy with them. so the new word is savour the meaning of which i was no sure of and have never used it before and now i know that it means that to enjoy a feeling or an experience thoroughly so here is my drawing of a thoroughly enjoyed feeling or experience. it's me listening to rock and roll is an animal which is a cool song from kontroll csoport. and they have a song called lili commando that i'm planning to share but has no video so i have to make one. anyway that's me lost in the music and behind me there is rock and roll i mean its claws and the writing says in the claws of the monster! and i say rock and roll!
okay and i got something less scary too and this is one of my recently drawn animals real animal this time not that rock and roll like and i show you him cos he is lonesome on its paper and it's like being in a cage you know and it's kinda sad and for him as my dictionary says life had lost its savour. but you may come and cheer him a little bit i think he deserves it and i myself might draw some bright color around too. so here is my elephant way too big to get friends or even a flower on the paper

2010. november 28., vasárnap

Songs I'm in - Lilly town

like this song not that one with the chipmonks but the original one and it's alizee i think it's a cool pick for this week though couldn't find a real video for this song i mean you know the one in which there's really action not only a screenshot so it's not that interesting and i guess my dream town is more colorful than her lilly's but still this song is good to listen and dance to so listen and dance bye

oh and one more that actually has no lili in it but it's good laugh and it's house md i really like his show i like in general everything with operation in it have i mentioned that i wanna be a vet in texas so i must see all the bloody part too and i watch nat geo a lot as well but let's cut back to house cos he's a real fun guy he's just too cool even if he's in this other show singing of having a real lust for becoming a tennis shoe but the real fun is to see him looking like that that hair i mean and that no wrinkled face so funny
oh and for the coolest one you can click here and laugh na-na-na-nah thank you

2010. november 25., csütörtök

Sneaky freaky something

check this out everybody just drawn it onto my mum's desk see? mum's making her funny cartoon and i was like standing there wrapped in that big towel watching her coloring the story and while standing there getting a little bit bored all of a sudden this thing came out of nowhere i mean i just drew some lines after all and i think it's kind of a sneaky little freaky little something that closely resembles a fatty tomcat. what do you think guys? is he sneaky enough?

2010. november 16., kedd

Burning & Some words of a forthcoming blog contest of mine

burning is an easy word to illustrate for me for sure so this week's illustration friday looks like no big deal apart from the fact that i lost my drawing of the mustashed evil with wagging tail and the paper was all in flames and the evil itself in the middle and all was done in smokey red and lighter around the evil who was red too but that red was more evilish and his mustache was thick black and his short cut hair and the end of the tail and maybe the eyes but not so sure about that. anyway as you see if burning is said my answer is hell or evil more or less 8 times out of ten. Since the original piece couldn't be found so far and redrawing it seems impossible and the week is getting shorter and shorter we looked for an old one and i tell you i got a lot. to be honest this is dad's pick cos i was too miserable to cope with it and i find this one too childish for me now i mean i drew it at the age of 5 or something and it's me and my little devil who in this picture is not hiding inside me and you know we used to do lots of no good things for sure but now i'm in the 3rd grade so i can say no to him. so it's not that evil really but red is the color and that color is there in the evil and there in the burning so it's like a little snippet of burning is captured in that by that. i don't know. but you see those grooves? that's cos out of this drawing i made a paper plane. and even with that this is just too happy for burning. oh i don't know.

this is my dad's other choice for burning cos for him love can be burning too and he thinks it can be seen this way. well i'm not sure. i mean without the red there's no burning i guess or maybe when red burns out there is black like ash and heart shaped out of smoke and a hellboy and a hellgirl in love. i don't know it's a bit still confusing for me. i don't even think it's a good enough drawing i didn't even finish it but as dad said hell knows let's put it on! oh yeah and those words about my contest. well my blog history is 1 year old i mean the birthsdayparty is held at 16th this month and i'm leaning toward to pick one of you to make you happy with a little gift from me and all of you can participate enter the contest the only thing to do is leaving a comment here or there in my blog. by the way all of the older comments play too. more to come soon. bye now

2010. október 29., péntek

Halloween & Pumpkin pie

okay i know this post has been available for a couple of weeks but with no text i thought it was just too lame and it might have been the reason of the lack of comments too or maybe not but anyway i decided yesterday not to leave it this way. okay i know it's november and 16th and you probably not interested anymore in past things but this halloween was just too good to let go without saving a bit of it here so here come some pictures that picture me and not in my trick or treat spider witch costume but my second prize i won in the cook a pumpkin pie section of the local halloween party. okay mam did the bigger part of the job coz i was busy to get the candies but she entered the pie under my name though i can even hardly be considered her apprentice. our pies looked like a cemetry on the tray and the head of each grave was made out of rusk with chocolate cross on it and mam made paper ghost for each and every grave so looked really really good. for me the pie was too sweet but people liked it a lot and that's what it did count at the end of the day. oh and the prize! it was a certificate i scanned to show you and a big and heavy carved pumpkin. i carved my own pumpkin lantern too and mam did hers and i can show you a picture of them and i think they are well done. so that was the story of this year's helloween and i almost forgot to tell you how good book i've been reading and it's nail gaiman's graveyard book but the best i guess is caroline both the movie and the book is amazing. okey so as i promised here are the pies we are very proud of. enjoy it! bye

2010. október 13., szerda

Transportation to Paris

geez long time no see and I’m feeling really bad to have let this blog thing of mine slightly slide but to be honest with you I just too much enjoyed my summer here and there and there was always something to play and my friends around and those place to go and things to do and when it accidentally crossed my mind from time to time to hit the keyboard I always washed it away with some good excuses like doing this and that instead though I just knew inside I was gonna feel this bad when time’s up and now I’m sitting here and don’t know what to really type in and don’t know it is cos there’s that much or that less to tell so the lines below are gonna be of my summer things that I still remember and paris is there for sure. so let’s do paris first.

july 2nd the first time I tried an airplane which happened to be one of easyjet’s and it was like on a rollercoaster and was quite noisy and rusty and my stomach had hard time when taking off and my ears were like bugged or something and that bug only left when I screamed a little from there it was an easy riding or flying and it was I don’t know how to say how huge it was being sky high like an acrobat on high wire and the world under looked so you know like regular like patches on a soft cushion and then came the alps with snow white tops and the pilot said it was france already and mother and me started to look for paris and there came even bigger patches one after the other and none of them happened to be our city though we sometimes thought we actually spotted the Eiffel tower and those monuments out of our guide book but we were obviously wrong and then all of a sudden it happened and we were there. in paris. finally.

or not exactly coz first we had to take a train that had no driver and we were riding through grassy green fields and I saw a sleeping concord that was able to crack the speed of sound and it’s really only a narrow tube with a drooping pointing needle nose. however once in my lifetime I’d surely give it a go. but anyway. the train dropped us out at a crowded station and there were lots of black people some of them dressed in shiny colored sheets and felt like Africa but here they were somehow strange and funny and I even choked back a little chuckle too cos I didn’t want to wound their feelings. the train we took from there was fully loaded with those strange sheet covered people some were talking some were deep inside their bulky headphones and some big ladies with pearls in their strange hairdos smiled at me and said something i couldn’t understand but sure they meant I was pretty or cute or something like that and smiled back however it was sweaty smell all around and people bouncing to each other but no one said a word about it just mum who real badly needed that fresh air I was so-so while dad was fighting with our luggage and stuff but he was okay with that I guessed.

then we got off at a much bigger station really it was like a mystique maze with lots of ups and downs and steps and gates that trap you if you don’t watch out and mostly if you are not quick enough with your pass and it hurts I can tell you coz I experienced that all. and there we had to find our next subway train to the hotel and it was not an easy job to do but dad found a girl who could show us the way so we jumped on and went on to find our way to the surface and after a couple of stations we saw the sun and the grey clouds packed with rain and by the time we reached our final station it had been raining hard but at least saw the neon sign of the hotel beneath a couple of streets above the rooftops but it was raining and we didn’t know how next and what next and then a tall black man standing by the exit came to us and started to talk to us in French and pointed his fingers this way and that way and we said we didn’t understand a word but he just kept on pointing and bubbling those bubbling words and then he took a big piece of our luggage and with one arm waving led us to his car packed us in and drove us to the nearby hotel and said otel otel you otel and then dad wanted to pay for the lift but he said no no and was waving no no and free free and then as leaving he said to me smiling welcome to paris and it was strange to suddenly understand what he said and I just felt like shouting back welcome to paris too.

2010. augusztus 3., kedd

Artificial - my no real toys

on this week's if word i had had nothing till yesterday evening came and it was the new toy story movie that got the thing going cos i was at my cousins' but had not got my toys around except mr hawthorn of course but to play the game i needed more so i drew some of them by heart and finished the best ones on my mac later and chose great background colors. but to be honest it is hard to play real time game with drawings i mean it's much more interesting when you all on your own and play on the paper i mean you are drawing and during that lots of things going on and i see them all and it is a great thing to do when no friends around and while I'm drawing things often get so good that i go and play it real with my toys and dolls and things and gizmos and stuff but when you are with playmates and the play turns out to be toy story and you ain't got your own and loved toys in hand and don't feel like playing with stranger toys unless those are cool ones you say oh i have to draw and sometimes others join too and we draw and it is fun but those drawings are not that good to play with cos they are just stuck and paper thin and easily get crumpled and only can be seen as weak substitutes for the real and warm toys of mine. can i say that these are artificial? i mean you know to play with and you're not at home with yours i don't know in real shape they are better to play with. maybe. and probably better looking as well. ok that's it like it play it bye!

2010. július 29., csütörtök

Rabbit Racing Team & Jenson Button

hi everyone! as the owner of rabbit racing team i'm very very proud to introduce you my brand new driver the one and only jenson button who signed the contract yesterday evening and it only cost me 1 hour waiting but as it's said the game was worth the candle and while waiting i had a close look at the car that i took a couple of pictures of and that he probably is not driving this weekend on the hungaroring where the real battle will take place and unfortunately i won't be there but surely watch the race on the telly with dad. frankly speaking i'm right now a lewis hamilton fan but he was not around yesterday but he is more handsome than jenson i guess though jenson looked okey too and he was stubbly like dad. the car itself looks bigger than i thought and i secretly touched the front left tire and the nose of the car and i could give it a little push too although it was strictly forbidden and when jenson came in for the signing that took something like 5 minutes the crowd went berserk and i wasn't afraid but too little to be noticed and people were falling and all of them were like jenson please please jenson but didn't say a word only showed this drawing and my arms were not long enough to reach the pilot and than dad took my drawing and he was bigger than the crowd and then the pilot finally could see the carrot car and he was as pleased as can be and gave his last autograph to me ... now i'm very proud and happier than ever and while walking to the nearby suburban railway station i called réka and boti and they had already taken a shower and been ready for bed and i was so excited and they weren't that much but i was telling the whole story from head to toe anyway. i can't show them this drawing and the pictures taken in the event cos they are off to the lake balaton. so i'm sharing them with you first. i'm very happy and luckier than dad who has an autograph of a famous hungarian racedriver too but his pilot is long gone to heaven and couldn't make the formula one though had his chance and his name was csaba kesjár and as a kid when got the autograph dad was as happy as i am now and he keeps the signed paper in the last of the mohicans. and now i show you my pictures

2010. július 28., szerda

Double - the good and the bad inside

i think i got a good one for the weekly if mission and it was among my recent lion drawings and it is my interpretation of a personal favourite frame from the best ever lion king movie which is obviously simba's pride and this drawing tries to capture the moment when kovu is staring into the river and his reflection's turning into scar's face and you know that scar was his father who was the evil itself and wanted to take over the pride lands but he obviously must have failed. and now the outlander from birth kovu with love in his heart but with that scar on his face have to choose between good and bad and however he's already chosen to want to follow the good that scar and blood and that it is stated that Scar chose Kovu to be his successor still ties him too much to the past and a fate that he deserves not. but i tell you when the last battle comes he will have been on the right side. i think i've done it well but to be frank it took loads and loads of failure till got this one. the hardest part was to draw the reflection on the surface of the water and that reflection had to be similar to the evil scar but not that evil cos it was still kovu who's good behind his own scarred face. however i paused the movie at this scene i did not trace the frame i mean i didn't copy it by drawing this on transparent paper placed over the screen you know i think it is very important to know. i didn't put on any colours cos it's better this way. in grey. what do you think.

okey dokey i show you one more out of my lion series and actually it is a failed attempt to catch Kiara who is the daughter of Simba and Nala and she is the one who helps kovu turn inside and see it really is not that good but mom said let's put it on too cos it just as much deserves it so you can see it and we agreed that it rather looked like those hyenas the followers of scar shenzi and bonzai and ed all three melted together into the perfect evil hyena head. Anyway these are a couple of my lion drawings done lately and hope you like it bye

2010. július 27., kedd

Songs I'm in - Lily the Pink

and finally my song for this week and this one is really silly and it was Jacquie Rolston who called my attention to this song that is about lily the pink and the singers are very funny indeed especially the tall and skinny on the left hand side who's holding the mic as if it was hot or sticky and he's seemingly trying to keep his elegant costume nice and well and see he pulled a nice trick right? the point is lily invented a medicinal compound that makes all the people do strange and happy things and kills the pain in the head but at the end of the song poor lily dies though she keeps on singing up in the heaven and makes all the sad angels a bit happier as usual and they sing along. and see at the end of the video the singer in the middle makes funny faces as he tries to nudge away his fellow singer's hand from his left shoulder. it is very funny. makes you laugh, right? so sing it and dance it.

and this time i have a bonus for you. she is Selena Gomez singing and i like her song very much now and she is a top secret agent girl and her mission takes place here in my neighbourhood which is budapest (i'm in szentendre) and you can see in this video all the places turists usually visit around here. I used to watch wizards of waverly place and i liked it but disney channel is not available right now only cartoon network nickelodeon and minimax and i don't watch those that much really. and i liked hannah montana as well cos it was funny too and one of my first drawing that i shared with you on my blog is of Emily Osment click here and i can show you. oh and i forgot she's lilly too Lilly Truscott. remember? but for now let's listen to round and round and bye and bye and bye-bye

2010. július 13., kedd

Diary - Tuesday a.m.

up and running now. first thing this morning to drink my nesquick. already done. had a pleasant dream that i can't remember now but i can remember how hard it was to blink cos my lids were scratching the white of my eyes because of the remains of the sleeping powder from the night before that i finally washed out around half past 9 and then boti and réka came over and mum thought they were dwarfish cat burglers cos she only saw 2 shady looking silhouettes through the shutter but they are obviously not toolmen they are my good friends and in a couple of minutes we were off to play and we played but mum phoned réka's mum to send me home cos it was lunchtime. haven't yet eaten so far. till then i'm writing this post that i'm gonna share on the illustration friday blog too but don't have no fresh drawing to upload so we chose an old one that shows an octopus which is really a quadropus a baby quadropus who will grow four more arms when the time comes. what i mean is it's no a jellyfish. mum said it looked like a medusa. maybe. she might be a baby medusa as well and she is harmless and surely likes to swim with swimming hoarses and the like and when you turn the picture upside down it's like the head of medusa we saw in paris a bit evil looking with its big nose and with the shadow that hides half of its face and that eye is really like lurking around. anyway i still don't know what it's got to do with diary. though living a double life can be quit interesting. jellyfish in general is interesting. not to mention a head that turned into a medusa itself. so that's in my diary today. half of my day's done.

2010. július 12., hétfő

Back from Paris

Hi, everybody! i mean is anybody out there? well Long time no see i mean you know school's out and i've been enjoying my long waited summer vacation. no more pencils no more books no more teachers' dirty looks. we learnt it on our last day of school at my english lesson and it was fun shouting out loud. but it's not that i wanted to talk about. More important I'm back from paris and it was huge. i will show pieces of it to you later on but not in this post I'm afraid cos i need some time to sort it out all in my head and i took a lot of pictures too way too much but first i have to see and hug my friends with who i want very much to play and play and play again. but before that i'm here to say hi to you. so hi! i'm alive.

and now i see you liked my last drawings especially my trees so i decided to give you more of them. i have a lot and i have a story too. I overheard a conversation between my parents and their friends and they were talking about me i mean the paper my psychologist had given to them about the result of our talking hours and the drawings i'd made during the time spent with her and what they were talking about was mostly blah blah but then i heard talking about one of my drawn tree the one i'd drawn to the psycologist and my parents mentioned that thing of me not drawing roots that my tree was rootless and it meant something but i can't remember what. the point is i can prove it to you that not all of my trees are rootless cos in my drawer i've got some that pictures the roots too and i show you here one that i like cos that tree has some of its roots ending in hand by which the tree is able to grab hold of the spinning earth and won't let go and it's firmly standing and still can make friends with the squirrel. Dad told me not to bother about it and he told me that the psychologist just can't see the wood for the trees and he laughed and i laughed too though neither i could see the wood but i couldn't tell him. drew my forest instead. see here it is. below. centered. peacefull green leaves protecting those animals. very bright cos it's that scorching here. so i attached it just in case cos that's how i can see the wood for the trees. nice right? so beautiful. i like it very much

and i like this one on the left as well. a tree that i drew by using the other end of my pencil where used to be an eraser but the rubber's long gone and chewed away. figured out lately that by the metal ring that left on the top things like trees can be nicely scratched onto a blank white paper. interesting isn't it? and if you were able to touch the surface gently you'd feel the grooves and the lines like pale grayish blood vessels. that's a silver willow in a windy garden. a sad and scared willow you might tell. it feels that way. or it's like fire. a burning willow. rather scary. it can feel that way too. so that's all for now but i promise you i'll try to write more often. okey i'm off and see you later. probably tomorrow and who knows i might show you my new lions. i have improved a lot! oh and i won't forget paris. bye

2010. május 22., szombat

Early - to wake up

this buck is too early so now has to wait till the first morning light will arouse the outside world. i wanted to draw how it feels when i'm not awake yet but it's almost like begining to feel the world that's about to come to its senses at the other side of my eyelids and even with my eyes shut it is as if i could see my one of a kind mister hawthorn beside me and that's the door of my wardrobe left ajar and now i swear it is my carpet on the floor and that's my gitar at the corner and there are my toys and my schoolbag too for sure and when my mum wakes me up everything is in the exact same place the way i saw it a few minutes before while i was still in my dream. interesting isn't it? and you can read out of the eyes of the trees and the clouds oh dear you are too early! you are not expected till quarter to seven in the morning. And see he is still flummoxed and his dream is there gently laid over his back.

this drawing shows a clearing under the cover of the early morning mist you can see most likely when going by an intercity train still feeling a bit of some sleeping powder in your eyes and there they are just lines not moving but you can be sure they are there and they are real. for me that's the best part of traveling by rail to my grandparants. and on the way i know where to find those deers and rabbits and the birds i can see them even if my train's flying that fast cos i'm a pro a keen observer

My 1st ever Blog Award!!!

listen up everybody i received a beautiful life is good award from bulgaria a couple of days ago! rossichka i don't know if i pronounce her name correctly you couldn't hear it though so rossichka passed this on to me for my wonderful and pure drawings or with her own strange words за детински чистите й, прелестни рисунки and she said she was a puppet theatre director and loved to work for and with children and my mum told me that her mum who is my grandma used to tell her lots of stories and one of them included a boy her fellow student from high school who became one day one of the directors of the budapest puppet theater which is a cool place to be though i've been only once there. i think it is an interesting snippet isn't it? and the name of the fellow student and later director and dramaturg is urbán gyula. anyway this post is about my first blog award i'm very proud of and now i have to answer some questions

1. If you could go back to the past, you would like to spend one day in (with) ...
hmm i'd like to be back in the time right before i was born cos i can't remember even a tiny little thing of how it was inside my mum and i only know my mother's side of the story and i'd take my camera with me and my diving gear obviously
2. You have a dream...
i've been preparing for my etude concert so now when playing i often dream of becoming a good violin player like lajkó félix or lili haydn but i'd like to be a vet in texas too
3. Your favourite scent is ...
burning cinnamon mostly
4. Your childhood was (is) ...
5. Your favourite books or characters from the children's literature are ...
pigglet if i must choose one but i like very much the son of the white horse fehér ló fia in hungarian all the characters the hétszűnyű kapanyányi monyók for instance and the animated film is much better than the book itself. you must see it and here you can see how it all begins and how coming to this world really is
6. You miss ...
i miss for exsample the dogs matyi probably mat in english and tapi that i don't know how to translate. lovely mongrels they were. mat was more like a dachshund girl and tapi the boy was like a little bit of everything oh no i'm feeling my tears are gathering together in the corner of my eyes especially in the left one
7. Your secret talent is ...
not yet discovered
8. Your favourite season is ...
i like the most the one between spring and summertime

2010. május 20., csütörtök

Songs I'm in - Pictures of Lily

hi everybody now here's some little something i found on the net long ago and since then i've been singing it loud cos it's that much good really really good and me so much in it but i was not allowed to post it cos my dad said he thought that these guys did sing rather about a naughty kind of love and the lyrics are not as romantic as it first seemed and told me i'd surely understand it after a few years but i so much love the song itself and the way they performed it more than 40 years ago dressed like those scooby-doo characters especially the drummer boy he's just so sonic and the one who plays the trumpet and at the end of his solo he looks like not even wanting to know what's really going on and the short man singer and the noisy gitarplayer are cool too i mean odd which is cool right? Anyway after i promised dad i was not going to write that their so much loved lili could be me it'd be okey and he even looked it up somewhere that the girl herself was a so called pinup from the first big war and wasn't that cute at all and her name is lily bayliss but there is a 2nd option in which a nice lady was involved named lillie langtry and she is okey like a teacher i guess and for me none of them fit the song so well i don't know but that's not the point right so listen and sing out loud pictures of lily lily oh lily and then comes the trumpet

2010. május 16., vasárnap

Equipment - My way to say goodbye to Mr Grey

I've got loads of useful pieces of equipment around so it was a tough decision to make but the one that deserves it the most to get its one week of fame i think is a real near friend of mine rusty old mr grey hooray! i guess it's the due reward of his services but as i see it's gonna be the final act and it's just hard to take or so it seems and belive me I'm just as sad and scared as you are but we have to face that you are growing smaller and smaller even than my pinky and it's just gonna get harder and harder to handle you and I'm afraid if I sharpened you once more there'd be no point of you left and that would be sadder than this very moment so one more hug and i put you into the back of the lower drawer among stacks of doodles we've created together but now you can add those finishing touches i never felt like to so take your time you have my word i ain't gonna hold you back no more take care i love you

2010. május 12., szerda

Mustache period - Maze for the mind

I was just doodling around adding lines and forming shapes one after the other and ended up with this randomness of grey objects with the mustached onetoothed old man put in the middle and I don't know what is really meant to be maybe texas kid willie baronet can help me out with this one who sometimes feels the same way about his art of lines so I deceided not to let my dad throw it to the recycle bag this time cos it may has a reason to stay with us. to be honest a possible partial though explanation has already been given stating that my old man might be my dear late greatgrandpa Sanyi and thinking of him still now can make me like almost need to cry but he had no mustache and hat funny like that and it's no the way he used to smile and when he looked at me he didn't even know who i was i guess and always wanted to go home and was full of fears. even though i have to admit that if i look it that way the filled in grey frame is like a grave it can be though i can't remember now what i wanted with that and if it turned out to be true it would sadden me i guess and see a little piece of heart is lying there. so maybe it's really just a meaningless gettogether of a pile of doodles i'm often killing time with and they chose to present themself this way. except the mustache it was very intentional it can be roberto's influence who is a thick mustache to his JA JA JA mind and never understands me just gives me JA JA JAs but he can do the trick with rocks and it is his mustache everything started with and see i put it on the way willie baronet laying lines one after another and it's a good kinda maze to the eye try to find one way or another out

Mustache period - Watchers

i wanna dedicate this drawing to one of my first blog friend jack foster whose biblehead i learn frequently and recomended his blog to my fellow students in my religion class in school but his blog is in english so we mostly just talked about his drawings. he always writes me and i very much like to write him back and he always nice but last time i was a little critical with his careless granny and now i feel a little bad that maybe i made him feel that he'd done real that bad but i can't help thinking that putting granny on the road like that is just too dangerous. but okey jack foster didn't post it on his biblehead it was on jacktoons. my drawing is meant to be about god but my god became a thick wide cloud and he has a cloud wife too and in that case he can't be really the god cos he do not allow himself to have a wife but god protects us and he's in everything and i see him in those big thick clouds above and it's been raining for a week or so and I spotted this bird down the river and the clouds were not those angry grey clouds at all they were filled full of sun to be poured onto us and though i had my mac on i still felt on my face and then from the shore saw that bird's succsessfull dive and those big protecting clouds and thought that was something and as i got home i quickly put it on paper and now i'm showing you. So maybe it is not god but something related to him or her no sure and i'm always puzzled but i think god wears a mustache and he is very old and full of wonder like those clouds comming and going by but always there to watch over us

2010. május 9., vasárnap


dear jack foster + lakhsmita indira (you got a real strange name really really strange) you 2 posted comment on my mother's illustration of which you thought was mine and now I consider it very important to enlighten you two on the fact which is obviously escaped your notice that that was not my work but my mother's and what is more for me it is no a big deal to greet an alien earthling at all I mean after I've already done it (see here) so by now they must be for sure quite familiar with each other after all so I think her idea of being without fear in that case is just too obvious so that's no my way to express fearlessness. therefor to make myself clearer i deceided to post my very own work on if too and that's a shewolf in the moonlight and that place is a glade and it's cold and as dark as the back of my rhino beetle living in our garden and every threatening piece of all the things around there stand still watching her with fear and honour being so very noble so above everything. fear and cold and dark and the banshee sound of the midnight trees with echoing black hole eyes and the big wide opening and I can tell you that's what real fits for fearless for me and now you probably do understand state of fearlessness as i see is far from fun and more like sensing the unknown around that she manages to control by the sole presence of herself. so bye now and no need to fear read yourself to sleep instead!

2010. április 22., csütörtök


oh no where are my words I have the picture but don't have my words. no no and no again lost them. okey no problemo cos I promise I'll type in everything again tomorrow after school so you won't miss that much till then have a close look and see what's going on a couple of centimeters above the ground at night at our garden and what you got is a mouse in the wild grass and now he looks pretty much like a special agent obviously investigating something that might be related to the neighbouring cat or as it is now he can be after my lost story the ghost in my machine and see that's interesting really something I should have to think over myself too cos I really don't know what went wrong and I spent a lot of time typing in what was in my head that time and now there are lots of other things in it not even close to those words and what I know for real is that one of the things I surely wanted to tell you is that I drew this one in photoshop using my digital pen and I think it's really cool looking and see how he is bending a little and that's because he spotted something suspicious! okey now i'm real scared bye and sleep well wait i just realized those SCARY eyes of a hunting cat above my mouse head and i tell you it wasn't my real intention to draw them there and now I'm more scared then 1 hour ago. hi friends 1 more thing to say of this drawing. my mouse's in big trouble cos i can see clearly now the cat's mouth open wide ready to take his midnight supper little detective and i think it's gonna be my fault kind of cos i wasn't careful enough with using the digital pen however the second stands still and will forever so there is still hope i think bye

2010. április 12., hétfő

Songs I'm in - Lily

I found the next song and it sounds very great though don't understand the words. maybe one of you can help me out with this perhaps andi if you come and see me cos I know you speak the language. and I'd like to inform you that at sunday hungary voted and cos insisted finally I was allowed to go with mum to vote at least on one of the 2 papers that the names of the party candidates were listed on and which candidate I marked won't tell you cos it was a secret ballot but I can tell you that my party is not the one that lola chose and to cut back to the beautiful melody I hope you will play it cos my favorite part is when the girl plays the cello and the trumpet as well is really cool so bye for now

2010. április 11., vasárnap

Rare Snapshots of my Hungry Doodle

first I drew him in my solfege workbook and he was born out of my hunger for a good bite of marzipan and I was really bored at that afternoon and the miss said 'too much mistake' and 'not so well done, Lili' for this exercise and my parents can't help much cos they know little of solfege and they were angry too cos I keep on not eating what my mum puts in my lunch box. so it's all about my hungry stomach I guess and the strawberry yogurt

on this paper he appears again cos I was hungry too that time when I was supposed to do my homework. to be honest with you there was some milka around so it was no that bad after all though it felt just obvious to draw my hungry doodle anyway.

2010. április 10., szombat

Linked - Curiosity of 2 Fragile Souls

long time no see. it's spring so I'm quite busy having great fun outside. I'm that outdoor type of kinda kid. but anyway. I got a drawing to show you here that I did some months ago when I was at the budapest comiccon where I spotted these funny doodles coming out of that boy's mind and I just felt like to line them down and stick them together for the sake of it. on my sheet how they are in my mind too. and it's the rabbit who fears the unknown water but now is standing in the middle of it for purpose cos this rabbit is taking a big brave peculiar step toward what is meant to be the very core of a true friendship and duck tries to understand the meaning of the whole happening watching it from the side of the rabbit's precious carrot field. I mean every beginning is always difficult and in certain circumstances real awkward too.

2010. március 28., vasárnap

Rescue - Connecting 2 Sides of 1 Sheet

on the a-side I drew an urban lad similar to the one I spied at the suburban railway station at békásmegyer. nice watch and shiny belt. to be honest first I thought I was going to draw a poor man like the one in the folktale our mistress told us before our first class some days ago that’s the reason for the untidy hair. he's beginning to feel the first rays of the sleepy spring sun and he is very happy about it. on the b-side there is an alien planet to where the lonesome explorer’s rocket has just landed. green shy strangers are about to have some guts to greet him. or her. I think the explorer is a girl. and the lad on the other side might be dreaming of her and the girl as well maybe would like to have him on her side so to end that miserable journey of hers and she doesn’t know yet though that deep in her heart she’s really been looking for him. and just for him.

The Incredible Félix Lajkó

last week I mean this Friday I saw lajkó félix in concert at the local library. it was mum’s last minute idea to go so we didn’t get the best seats however ours were only four rows from the front but quite on the side. and unfortunately felix and his viola player fellow settled down at the far side of the stage. he plays the violin like no one I tell you. what a pity sometimes he was so twirling that he so often got his back to me and I wasn’t able to learn his way of handling the instrument accurately but it was an excellent performance anyway. I could even take a couple of pictures too even though I’d have zoomed in a bit more precisely as you surely can see. I’ve no video to share but to satisfied your need I link one of my favorite available in youtube (he plays the zither too):

And if it still not enough you can check out my mum’s short film here. I like her animation it’s like closing your eyes while listening to him playing and the colors and the lines just begin to dance and you are there.

2010. március 14., vasárnap

Songs I'm in - Hi-Lili Hi-Lo

just found this one. the 2nd song I'm in. It starts like scary but then it turns so nice like alice in wonderland and it's easy to understand too so for me I guess it is simply perfect for the upcoming week. hope you're smiling too!

IF Subterranean vs. Extraterrestrial

I've defined the meaning of the word Subterranean incorrectly. Therefore the alien picture I'd picked to upload this week had to be put aside. So now I have to reconsider everything. till coping with it I think I'll share my failed alien candidates with you.

Alien 1. - the cloaked

was made in school as a lot of my drawings. at first I thought it would be a frog but it just failed to look like how I’d have liked it to and turned it to darth vader. I’d made darth vader before e.g. once during my English language lesson with chalk on the board. that was much better looking. as for this vader his legs wasn’t drawn by me. ajsa and zsófi laid hands on the sheet and zsófi made those legs. she so much destroyed the whole thing with it that it put me into the mood of not even wanting to see it anymore. I find darth a funny guy but the fact that a frog face’s smiling through the mask does have nothing to do with it. I just wasn’t able to rub it out properly.

Alien 2. - the one eyed

this little alien I made in my English activity book on the page 27. I was asked to draw my alien friend who is short, fat, has long arms and small hands, short legs big feet with 3 toes each and 1 purple eye and I came up with this little fellow. good right? didn’t add color cos it wasn’t part of the task and I think neither kató my teacher would have allowed me to do so anyway nor I felt like to.

Alien 3. - the bushy browed

it’s from page 140 I guess though no sure of my reading book. it was part of a home work. out there among you there might be someone who recognizes it maybe not I made it as an illustration for gyurkovics tibor’s story of the big white clown which is about a dad shaving in front of an oval mirror as his child’s watching him. after it was done handed it over to my dad to check it and he said oh what a fun alien bloke you’ve made. poor dad thought I had drawn a sad looking bushy browed melon headed martian holding a radioactive neon green suitcase which is obviously as I intended meant to be a towel around the father’s waist.

Portray of mine as a penguin

made a couple of months ago in school when playing penguin school with two of my friends from my class and I was the student. I chose to be a royal penguin but during I was looking for a picture on the net to link with my drawing my dad pointed out that my drawing rather resembled the macaroni penguin which discovery I can tell you made me really upset and I insisted on me being a royal so dad found a possible solution on Wikipedia and I have him copy the proof for my sake and it says my drawn penguin is very closely related to the Royal Penguin, and some authorities consider the two to be a single species! and that’s enough for me. thanks dad dismissed. So it shows me on an ice floe somewhere at the antarctic peninsula. aliz who played my teacher asked me to make my portray and she was so satisfied with my work that she gave me the best mark (5) as you can see at the bottom of the page, right hand side.