2011. április 1., péntek

I feel bad and sure you know why so I'd like to offer my apology for the delay and the absence

A couple of weeks earlier I thought I'd never come back here coz I felt so bad about not keeping my promise and there are at least three blog friends of mine having been waiting for me to show up or well those parcels for months and now I really feel oh I don't know how and dad said if I was gonna write some letters everything'd be back on the old funny track and now as I'm writing again it feels sure better now and the three packages with the things you won are ready to post. Promise I didn't want to get away with it I'm not that kind of girl I just said to myself day after day okay next monday okay next week okay tomorrow oh my God I totally forgot but I'll do it after school and so on and on and on and see I'm here and the job's still not done. So please forgive me and tomorrow afternoon after Ajsa's birthday party I'll sit down and type in more details about the last three months too coz lots of things just happened and lots of drawings have been drawn since. But bye for now and here is a little snippet of what's in those boxes. It's like a peekaboo and you have to find me or okay I'd like it if you found me and were still interested. So see you later! LiLi out!