2010. április 22., csütörtök


oh no where are my words I have the picture but don't have my words. no no and no again lost them. okey no problemo cos I promise I'll type in everything again tomorrow after school so you won't miss that much till then have a close look and see what's going on a couple of centimeters above the ground at night at our garden and what you got is a mouse in the wild grass and now he looks pretty much like a special agent obviously investigating something that might be related to the neighbouring cat or as it is now he can be after my lost story the ghost in my machine and see that's interesting really something I should have to think over myself too cos I really don't know what went wrong and I spent a lot of time typing in what was in my head that time and now there are lots of other things in it not even close to those words and what I know for real is that one of the things I surely wanted to tell you is that I drew this one in photoshop using my digital pen and I think it's really cool looking and see how he is bending a little and that's because he spotted something suspicious! okey now i'm real scared bye and sleep well wait i just realized those SCARY eyes of a hunting cat above my mouse head and i tell you it wasn't my real intention to draw them there and now I'm more scared then 1 hour ago. hi friends 1 more thing to say of this drawing. my mouse's in big trouble cos i can see clearly now the cat's mouth open wide ready to take his midnight supper little detective and i think it's gonna be my fault kind of cos i wasn't careful enough with using the digital pen however the second stands still and will forever so there is still hope i think bye

2010. április 12., hétfő

Songs I'm in - Lily

I found the next song and it sounds very great though don't understand the words. maybe one of you can help me out with this perhaps andi if you come and see me cos I know you speak the language. and I'd like to inform you that at sunday hungary voted and cos insisted finally I was allowed to go with mum to vote at least on one of the 2 papers that the names of the party candidates were listed on and which candidate I marked won't tell you cos it was a secret ballot but I can tell you that my party is not the one that lola chose and to cut back to the beautiful melody I hope you will play it cos my favorite part is when the girl plays the cello and the trumpet as well is really cool so bye for now

2010. április 11., vasárnap

Rare Snapshots of my Hungry Doodle

first I drew him in my solfege workbook and he was born out of my hunger for a good bite of marzipan and I was really bored at that afternoon and the miss said 'too much mistake' and 'not so well done, Lili' for this exercise and my parents can't help much cos they know little of solfege and they were angry too cos I keep on not eating what my mum puts in my lunch box. so it's all about my hungry stomach I guess and the strawberry yogurt

on this paper he appears again cos I was hungry too that time when I was supposed to do my homework. to be honest with you there was some milka around so it was no that bad after all though it felt just obvious to draw my hungry doodle anyway.

2010. április 10., szombat

Linked - Curiosity of 2 Fragile Souls

long time no see. it's spring so I'm quite busy having great fun outside. I'm that outdoor type of kinda kid. but anyway. I got a drawing to show you here that I did some months ago when I was at the budapest comiccon where I spotted these funny doodles coming out of that boy's mind and I just felt like to line them down and stick them together for the sake of it. on my sheet how they are in my mind too. and it's the rabbit who fears the unknown water but now is standing in the middle of it for purpose cos this rabbit is taking a big brave peculiar step toward what is meant to be the very core of a true friendship and duck tries to understand the meaning of the whole happening watching it from the side of the rabbit's precious carrot field. I mean every beginning is always difficult and in certain circumstances real awkward too.