2010. április 12., hétfő

Songs I'm in - Lily

I found the next song and it sounds very great though don't understand the words. maybe one of you can help me out with this perhaps andi if you come and see me cos I know you speak the language. and I'd like to inform you that at sunday hungary voted and cos insisted finally I was allowed to go with mum to vote at least on one of the 2 papers that the names of the party candidates were listed on and which candidate I marked won't tell you cos it was a secret ballot but I can tell you that my party is not the one that lola chose and to cut back to the beautiful melody I hope you will play it cos my favorite part is when the girl plays the cello and the trumpet as well is really cool so bye for now

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  1. Szia Lili ! köszi szépen for your message :) i went to Szentendre 5 years ago and i remember it as a very cute little town…

    As i'm french i wrote a translation summary while listening to the song - oh and i love Les Ogres de Barback :)

    the song speaks of a pretty Somalian girl called Lily. She loves freedom and liberty. She comes in France in a boat, and she wants to live in Paris but she's lives very poorly. She's in love with a blond boy who wants to marry her but his family doesn't want him to be with her. Then she goes to America but even there "black is the color of despair". In Memphis she meets Angela Davis and she begins to fight against racism…

    by the way, you speak very well english !

  2. thank you emelie and is it a true story? it's good to see she found home to fight for and your vegetables i can honestly say again very genuine and even make me wanna have a big bite of at least some of them and your jotted down colors are good too see you later bye eilie bye