2011. január 3., hétfő

Resolution - from january 3

well i made only one new year's resolution to decrease the amount of chocolate i eat i mean i should and not cos of my teeth i brush them twice a day and no decay so far though gonna need braces but my getting roundish belly. no big deal though i mean i hate making this kind of resolutions but who knows maybe it'll work right?
but that's no the thing i really wanted to tell you i wanna tell you how it startred and it started with my two legs and i'm thinking now of a much more interesting resolution that'll be perfect for this year for me and it has something to do with those legs of mine so listen up now ready? so my resolution is that i'm gonna try harder to fly on my own not to touch the ground you know lift off like chriss angel cos he can no question and there's no invisible string or trick or something it is real magic so it might be the last time you can see my feet down on the ground. enjoy them!   
oh and hey andrew and you franklin sorry apple too your addresses please bye-bye

2011. január 1., szombat

My happy birthsday gift to my mum

today seems to be a busy day with lots of typing cos i've just realized that forgot to show you the gift i made to mum cos she had her birthsday yesterday a couple of hours before midnight and i sewed her a little pigglet pillow with a big button nose fasten to the middle. it's white and i outlined by a pink felttip pen and sewed the two parts together by using black thread and it is good to sleep with and for a warm hug. here you can see it in my mum's hand i think they look perfect together. happy birthsday mum and i love you too

The lucky ones

i've picked you lucky ones i wanted to pick more than only two but my dad said two was more than enough so there is only 2 but i am going to count my pocket money i've saved quite a lot of coins and even have some 1000 forint bills as well to spend on snailmailing so i'll give it a thought but now let me present the winner's list and to prove that there was no underhand work going on i took a photo too see here it is see no names only numbers
first i picked a post i mean two posts and they are number 56 that was my first pick and then came number 30. step two was to see which comments i have on those and picked one from each pile so you can see the pairs. the first winner comes from post 56 wich is no mailman allowed where he left the second comment that says Great story! and that was bookcrafty. winner 2 left a comment on post 30 which is Rare snapshots of my hungry doodle and she wrote Hi Lili, love your sweet little blog. xoxo - Kim. and kim has a real name too which is soggy dog studios! congratulations. and i don't forget you andrew who won my riddle contest you 3 gonna receive your parcels but first i'd have your addresses
oh and those who didn't get picked don't be sad you can try again next year but till then i drew this santa as a consolation prize of a kind to you and you can print it freely and write your names on it and stick it onto the wall for example and you can color it as well this is really a quick thing i created by artrage 2 on my mac and i think it's okay for a consolation prize

... 1 ... happy new year!

it's 2011 and i got the numbers but too tired can't type much but i made it and still awake and now i have some little something doodledrawing of a kind and they are very quick i really drew them only to illustrate this moment how it feels to see our new number 2011 on the screen and really lots of 1s four of them so happy new year my friends jack and willie and daslav and justin and the witch and mum and i don't now oh tomás and rossichka and really all of you happy new year but i need some sleep now see you later and have some more fun

oh and here is an other one have its own story that i'll tell you later bye