2010. január 29., péntek


At school I drew a horse that was pretty well done. I was so pleased with it that as I got home took a pencil and made this racehorse with the jockey riding on it who’s so much focusing to take the fence. the theme’s based on my memories of last summer’s horse riding camp. the jockey’s not me. we were not allowed to take our chances on the fence however there were jumpable low fences that even a rookie like me could easily manage to get through. I could only dreaming of it. that’s all for now cos I’m getting tired. couldn’t even watch the end of the catwoman. what a mercy I’ve already watched it thousand times. Ps.: those things on the middle of the horizon are not the silhouettes of a farm or something far away but horse poo what’s everywhere on the field.

2010. január 28., csütörtök

A mai dolgaim / The way my things are today

Most beteg vagyok. Tüszős mandula gyulladásom van. Így lemaradok a Hattyúk taváról. Helyette majd rajzolok valami szépet. Vége!

I’m ill now. Have spotted sore throat. Therefore I will miss Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake in Palace of Arts, Budapest. Anyway stuck in my bed I’m gonna draw something nice instead. LiLi out!

2010. január 27., szerda

A világ összes szép állata Lili szerint / All the Beautiful Creatures of the Planet According To Lili

this one I’m going to post to an inter-national children’s art competition by UNICEF. I’ve got plenty of time till April but I was able to finish it in one hour. Nice isn’t it? Of course there’s a lot more beautiful creature around our planet. these are some of them. mom says they are not colorful enough but I think otherwise and it’s my drawing, right? the elephant and the whale are so funny. I think I’ve made a good job.