2009. december 15., kedd


I didn’t want to upload any of my drawings this week but my parents persuaded me to link this one which is their favorite drawing of mine from the age of 5. it shows a newborn little ostrich hatching and her mother. I see that they are not like the ones in the zoo (and daddy keeps saying they are ducks because of the beak and the duckling color but he’s wrong! okey?!) I was kindergartener and it was one of my first attempt to draw something by my mom’s wacom tablet and pen and it’s not that easy at the first try at all and the program we use is very difficult and after those years I’ve still been quit confused by shortcuts and what to click on and why.

2009. december 8., kedd

Saint Nicholas caught in the act

it's saint nicholas day and no birch yet which can be in your case coal too but anyway I'm okey with that very much cos it is a positive proof that I've been a good girl through this year. So now after having taken all the candies i thought why not to play a little trick on the dear bishop and I pictured nicholas being caught in the act of delivering the goodies see how surprised he is and you can see how the flash's reflecting on the falling flakes however it's possible that those're glowing stars on the sky I don't know now but I really like saint nicholas who is a bit very familiar to the famous hungarian poet petőfi sándor who wrote nemzeti dal that i know by heart.

2009. december 4., péntek


I know you will like my crispy cake. cos I like it too. And you know it makes little sharp sound when you bite it and everything then is covered with crumbs and funny things start to take shape when you tickle them around with your pinky. They just make me chuckle. However the poor crumbs shortly after have to be gone into the litter (that's the sad part) the last one of the cake will be with me in the safety of my pocket for a little while. If something interesting is gonna happen to us (sure it will) I'll tell you.

2009. november 23., hétfő

Emily Osment as Lilly smiling in the telly

see lilly and she is smiling. good right? i like it. it was the first take and she's like on the screen. Lilly Truscott ladies and gentlemen! her place is sunshiny okey she might have got a little bit too much of that suntan but it's gonna fade no need to be afraid.

IF_Entangled in Blues

The neighbouring cat got entangled in very sadness cos I wound up his ball in secret.

Snake in the grass

Duck flying high

2009. november 16., hétfő