2009. december 15., kedd


I didn’t want to upload any of my drawings this week but my parents persuaded me to link this one which is their favorite drawing of mine from the age of 5. it shows a newborn little ostrich hatching and her mother. I see that they are not like the ones in the zoo (and daddy keeps saying they are ducks because of the beak and the duckling color but he’s wrong! okey?!) I was kindergartener and it was one of my first attempt to draw something by my mom’s wacom tablet and pen and it’s not that easy at the first try at all and the program we use is very difficult and after those years I’ve still been quit confused by shortcuts and what to click on and why.

2 megjegyzés:

  1. I Like your drawings.
    Don´t stop creating.

  2. Ok Lili. 3x5 méteres nyomat, aztán mehet a galéria falára!
    Ügyes vagy!
    Ja, a kedvencem a "két lábad" itt jobbra!