2010. március 28., vasárnap

Rescue - Connecting 2 Sides of 1 Sheet

on the a-side I drew an urban lad similar to the one I spied at the suburban railway station at békásmegyer. nice watch and shiny belt. to be honest first I thought I was going to draw a poor man like the one in the folktale our mistress told us before our first class some days ago that’s the reason for the untidy hair. he's beginning to feel the first rays of the sleepy spring sun and he is very happy about it. on the b-side there is an alien planet to where the lonesome explorer’s rocket has just landed. green shy strangers are about to have some guts to greet him. or her. I think the explorer is a girl. and the lad on the other side might be dreaming of her and the girl as well maybe would like to have him on her side so to end that miserable journey of hers and she doesn’t know yet though that deep in her heart she’s really been looking for him. and just for him.

The Incredible Félix Lajkó

last week I mean this Friday I saw lajkó félix in concert at the local library. it was mum’s last minute idea to go so we didn’t get the best seats however ours were only four rows from the front but quite on the side. and unfortunately felix and his viola player fellow settled down at the far side of the stage. he plays the violin like no one I tell you. what a pity sometimes he was so twirling that he so often got his back to me and I wasn’t able to learn his way of handling the instrument accurately but it was an excellent performance anyway. I could even take a couple of pictures too even though I’d have zoomed in a bit more precisely as you surely can see. I’ve no video to share but to satisfied your need I link one of my favorite available in youtube (he plays the zither too):

And if it still not enough you can check out my mum’s short film here. I like her animation it’s like closing your eyes while listening to him playing and the colors and the lines just begin to dance and you are there.

2010. március 14., vasárnap

Songs I'm in - Hi-Lili Hi-Lo

just found this one. the 2nd song I'm in. It starts like scary but then it turns so nice like alice in wonderland and it's easy to understand too so for me I guess it is simply perfect for the upcoming week. hope you're smiling too!

IF Subterranean vs. Extraterrestrial

I've defined the meaning of the word Subterranean incorrectly. Therefore the alien picture I'd picked to upload this week had to be put aside. So now I have to reconsider everything. till coping with it I think I'll share my failed alien candidates with you.

Alien 1. - the cloaked

was made in school as a lot of my drawings. at first I thought it would be a frog but it just failed to look like how I’d have liked it to and turned it to darth vader. I’d made darth vader before e.g. once during my English language lesson with chalk on the board. that was much better looking. as for this vader his legs wasn’t drawn by me. ajsa and zsófi laid hands on the sheet and zsófi made those legs. she so much destroyed the whole thing with it that it put me into the mood of not even wanting to see it anymore. I find darth a funny guy but the fact that a frog face’s smiling through the mask does have nothing to do with it. I just wasn’t able to rub it out properly.

Alien 2. - the one eyed

this little alien I made in my English activity book on the page 27. I was asked to draw my alien friend who is short, fat, has long arms and small hands, short legs big feet with 3 toes each and 1 purple eye and I came up with this little fellow. good right? didn’t add color cos it wasn’t part of the task and I think neither kató my teacher would have allowed me to do so anyway nor I felt like to.

Alien 3. - the bushy browed

it’s from page 140 I guess though no sure of my reading book. it was part of a home work. out there among you there might be someone who recognizes it maybe not I made it as an illustration for gyurkovics tibor’s story of the big white clown which is about a dad shaving in front of an oval mirror as his child’s watching him. after it was done handed it over to my dad to check it and he said oh what a fun alien bloke you’ve made. poor dad thought I had drawn a sad looking bushy browed melon headed martian holding a radioactive neon green suitcase which is obviously as I intended meant to be a towel around the father’s waist.

Portray of mine as a penguin

made a couple of months ago in school when playing penguin school with two of my friends from my class and I was the student. I chose to be a royal penguin but during I was looking for a picture on the net to link with my drawing my dad pointed out that my drawing rather resembled the macaroni penguin which discovery I can tell you made me really upset and I insisted on me being a royal so dad found a possible solution on Wikipedia and I have him copy the proof for my sake and it says my drawn penguin is very closely related to the Royal Penguin, and some authorities consider the two to be a single species! and that’s enough for me. thanks dad dismissed. So it shows me on an ice floe somewhere at the antarctic peninsula. aliz who played my teacher asked me to make my portray and she was so satisfied with my work that she gave me the best mark (5) as you can see at the bottom of the page, right hand side.

2010. március 13., szombat

Little surprise contest

I was surfing the net and found this girl's blog and she's making interesting jewellery and I've just entered to her contest for some unknown little surprise. I pray to get picked I've never been yet so it might be the time. enjoy if it's to your taste. I think of coming out with my own competition. maybe...

2010. március 7., vasárnap


and this one for the new friday theme: brave. an acrobat or rather a ropedancer you can see on the wire sky high dancing on tiptoe. among stars. she is reaching out to touch gently the crescent moon. I think her nose and her hair though not finished are very nicely outlined. her body and the arms and legs I don’t really like that’s why I didn’t finish it but my mom said it was a well done composition and I didn’t want to wound her feelings so I uploaded this version. what I really like is how the scanning made the background behind my stars look kind of milky and soft.

Songs I'm in - White Lily

this is the first song I’m in and I like the singer's performance very much. I’ve already told you in a comment about the singer and the film she’s in in December yesteryear. I copy that so you don’t have to desperately search it. I wrote that: On Saturday I joined to my dad to watch a really interesting concert film. I don't know what her name is but she plays the electric violin and sometimes it was glowing and her mouth too. I'm going to ask father what her name is and tell you. I play the violin too. Now I know. her name and with a little help I managed to bring this song to you. it wasn’t my favorite cos she is not playing her violin and not even glowing from her mouth but this could be found on the internet and because of the white lily and cos it is so nice and sad too…

Whistle & Violin

improvising on my violin after lunch. still in pajamas.

Foxlike squirrel

this was drawn in school, at Friday I think before my first class at 8 o’clock when my school-mistress was reading a chipmunk story and we were free to create. I’m afraid that I can’t recall what the tale exactly was about cos got lost in that particular picture so just can't remember now how the plot goes. it had something to do with gathering acorn but that is not the point right now. the point is I really like the squirrel as she looks like. the tail and her head is as if of fox and it makes her just splendid to me. the hair clip wasn’t mentioned in the tale I guess but I felt I had to draw one.