2010. május 22., szombat

Early - to wake up

this buck is too early so now has to wait till the first morning light will arouse the outside world. i wanted to draw how it feels when i'm not awake yet but it's almost like begining to feel the world that's about to come to its senses at the other side of my eyelids and even with my eyes shut it is as if i could see my one of a kind mister hawthorn beside me and that's the door of my wardrobe left ajar and now i swear it is my carpet on the floor and that's my gitar at the corner and there are my toys and my schoolbag too for sure and when my mum wakes me up everything is in the exact same place the way i saw it a few minutes before while i was still in my dream. interesting isn't it? and you can read out of the eyes of the trees and the clouds oh dear you are too early! you are not expected till quarter to seven in the morning. And see he is still flummoxed and his dream is there gently laid over his back.

this drawing shows a clearing under the cover of the early morning mist you can see most likely when going by an intercity train still feeling a bit of some sleeping powder in your eyes and there they are just lines not moving but you can be sure they are there and they are real. for me that's the best part of traveling by rail to my grandparants. and on the way i know where to find those deers and rabbits and the birds i can see them even if my train's flying that fast cos i'm a pro a keen observer

My 1st ever Blog Award!!!

listen up everybody i received a beautiful life is good award from bulgaria a couple of days ago! rossichka i don't know if i pronounce her name correctly you couldn't hear it though so rossichka passed this on to me for my wonderful and pure drawings or with her own strange words за детински чистите й, прелестни рисунки and she said she was a puppet theatre director and loved to work for and with children and my mum told me that her mum who is my grandma used to tell her lots of stories and one of them included a boy her fellow student from high school who became one day one of the directors of the budapest puppet theater which is a cool place to be though i've been only once there. i think it is an interesting snippet isn't it? and the name of the fellow student and later director and dramaturg is urbán gyula. anyway this post is about my first blog award i'm very proud of and now i have to answer some questions

1. If you could go back to the past, you would like to spend one day in (with) ...
hmm i'd like to be back in the time right before i was born cos i can't remember even a tiny little thing of how it was inside my mum and i only know my mother's side of the story and i'd take my camera with me and my diving gear obviously
2. You have a dream...
i've been preparing for my etude concert so now when playing i often dream of becoming a good violin player like lajkó félix or lili haydn but i'd like to be a vet in texas too
3. Your favourite scent is ...
burning cinnamon mostly
4. Your childhood was (is) ...
5. Your favourite books or characters from the children's literature are ...
pigglet if i must choose one but i like very much the son of the white horse fehér ló fia in hungarian all the characters the hétszűnyű kapanyányi monyók for instance and the animated film is much better than the book itself. you must see it and here you can see how it all begins and how coming to this world really is
6. You miss ...
i miss for exsample the dogs matyi probably mat in english and tapi that i don't know how to translate. lovely mongrels they were. mat was more like a dachshund girl and tapi the boy was like a little bit of everything oh no i'm feeling my tears are gathering together in the corner of my eyes especially in the left one
7. Your secret talent is ...
not yet discovered
8. Your favourite season is ...
i like the most the one between spring and summertime

2010. május 20., csütörtök

Songs I'm in - Pictures of Lily

hi everybody now here's some little something i found on the net long ago and since then i've been singing it loud cos it's that much good really really good and me so much in it but i was not allowed to post it cos my dad said he thought that these guys did sing rather about a naughty kind of love and the lyrics are not as romantic as it first seemed and told me i'd surely understand it after a few years but i so much love the song itself and the way they performed it more than 40 years ago dressed like those scooby-doo characters especially the drummer boy he's just so sonic and the one who plays the trumpet and at the end of his solo he looks like not even wanting to know what's really going on and the short man singer and the noisy gitarplayer are cool too i mean odd which is cool right? Anyway after i promised dad i was not going to write that their so much loved lili could be me it'd be okey and he even looked it up somewhere that the girl herself was a so called pinup from the first big war and wasn't that cute at all and her name is lily bayliss but there is a 2nd option in which a nice lady was involved named lillie langtry and she is okey like a teacher i guess and for me none of them fit the song so well i don't know but that's not the point right so listen and sing out loud pictures of lily lily oh lily and then comes the trumpet

2010. május 16., vasárnap

Equipment - My way to say goodbye to Mr Grey

I've got loads of useful pieces of equipment around so it was a tough decision to make but the one that deserves it the most to get its one week of fame i think is a real near friend of mine rusty old mr grey hooray! i guess it's the due reward of his services but as i see it's gonna be the final act and it's just hard to take or so it seems and belive me I'm just as sad and scared as you are but we have to face that you are growing smaller and smaller even than my pinky and it's just gonna get harder and harder to handle you and I'm afraid if I sharpened you once more there'd be no point of you left and that would be sadder than this very moment so one more hug and i put you into the back of the lower drawer among stacks of doodles we've created together but now you can add those finishing touches i never felt like to so take your time you have my word i ain't gonna hold you back no more take care i love you

2010. május 12., szerda

Mustache period - Maze for the mind

I was just doodling around adding lines and forming shapes one after the other and ended up with this randomness of grey objects with the mustached onetoothed old man put in the middle and I don't know what is really meant to be maybe texas kid willie baronet can help me out with this one who sometimes feels the same way about his art of lines so I deceided not to let my dad throw it to the recycle bag this time cos it may has a reason to stay with us. to be honest a possible partial though explanation has already been given stating that my old man might be my dear late greatgrandpa Sanyi and thinking of him still now can make me like almost need to cry but he had no mustache and hat funny like that and it's no the way he used to smile and when he looked at me he didn't even know who i was i guess and always wanted to go home and was full of fears. even though i have to admit that if i look it that way the filled in grey frame is like a grave it can be though i can't remember now what i wanted with that and if it turned out to be true it would sadden me i guess and see a little piece of heart is lying there. so maybe it's really just a meaningless gettogether of a pile of doodles i'm often killing time with and they chose to present themself this way. except the mustache it was very intentional it can be roberto's influence who is a thick mustache to his JA JA JA mind and never understands me just gives me JA JA JAs but he can do the trick with rocks and it is his mustache everything started with and see i put it on the way willie baronet laying lines one after another and it's a good kinda maze to the eye try to find one way or another out

Mustache period - Watchers

i wanna dedicate this drawing to one of my first blog friend jack foster whose biblehead i learn frequently and recomended his blog to my fellow students in my religion class in school but his blog is in english so we mostly just talked about his drawings. he always writes me and i very much like to write him back and he always nice but last time i was a little critical with his careless granny and now i feel a little bad that maybe i made him feel that he'd done real that bad but i can't help thinking that putting granny on the road like that is just too dangerous. but okey jack foster didn't post it on his biblehead it was on jacktoons. my drawing is meant to be about god but my god became a thick wide cloud and he has a cloud wife too and in that case he can't be really the god cos he do not allow himself to have a wife but god protects us and he's in everything and i see him in those big thick clouds above and it's been raining for a week or so and I spotted this bird down the river and the clouds were not those angry grey clouds at all they were filled full of sun to be poured onto us and though i had my mac on i still felt on my face and then from the shore saw that bird's succsessfull dive and those big protecting clouds and thought that was something and as i got home i quickly put it on paper and now i'm showing you. So maybe it is not god but something related to him or her no sure and i'm always puzzled but i think god wears a mustache and he is very old and full of wonder like those clouds comming and going by but always there to watch over us

2010. május 9., vasárnap


dear jack foster + lakhsmita indira (you got a real strange name really really strange) you 2 posted comment on my mother's illustration of which you thought was mine and now I consider it very important to enlighten you two on the fact which is obviously escaped your notice that that was not my work but my mother's and what is more for me it is no a big deal to greet an alien earthling at all I mean after I've already done it (see here) so by now they must be for sure quite familiar with each other after all so I think her idea of being without fear in that case is just too obvious so that's no my way to express fearlessness. therefor to make myself clearer i deceided to post my very own work on if too and that's a shewolf in the moonlight and that place is a glade and it's cold and as dark as the back of my rhino beetle living in our garden and every threatening piece of all the things around there stand still watching her with fear and honour being so very noble so above everything. fear and cold and dark and the banshee sound of the midnight trees with echoing black hole eyes and the big wide opening and I can tell you that's what real fits for fearless for me and now you probably do understand state of fearlessness as i see is far from fun and more like sensing the unknown around that she manages to control by the sole presence of herself. so bye now and no need to fear read yourself to sleep instead!