2010. május 9., vasárnap


dear jack foster + lakhsmita indira (you got a real strange name really really strange) you 2 posted comment on my mother's illustration of which you thought was mine and now I consider it very important to enlighten you two on the fact which is obviously escaped your notice that that was not my work but my mother's and what is more for me it is no a big deal to greet an alien earthling at all I mean after I've already done it (see here) so by now they must be for sure quite familiar with each other after all so I think her idea of being without fear in that case is just too obvious so that's no my way to express fearlessness. therefor to make myself clearer i deceided to post my very own work on if too and that's a shewolf in the moonlight and that place is a glade and it's cold and as dark as the back of my rhino beetle living in our garden and every threatening piece of all the things around there stand still watching her with fear and honour being so very noble so above everything. fear and cold and dark and the banshee sound of the midnight trees with echoing black hole eyes and the big wide opening and I can tell you that's what real fits for fearless for me and now you probably do understand state of fearlessness as i see is far from fun and more like sensing the unknown around that she manages to control by the sole presence of herself. so bye now and no need to fear read yourself to sleep instead!

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  1. very nice and it certainly defines fearless

  2. Lili, milyen remek farkas! A legjobban a fülei tetszenek és az, ahogy a két fát takarásban rajzoltad.

  3. Hey Lili! Sorry about commenting on the wrong blog. I think IO have it right now. :o) I saw your picture and thought you had 2 blogs. You write like an adult... that's why I made the mistake. :o) This illustration is perfect for fearless. Great work.

  4. Szia Lili :) ügyes vagy! Nagyon tetszik a rajzodat.

  5. So cute and nice, Lili!!


  6. I love your she wolf in the moonlight! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I think you are cool too!

  7. dear lili.
    (you got a real beautiful name really really beautiful).
    i know i wrote comment on your mom's blog.
    i even wrote a comment on her previous post, titled "Lili".
    thats why i know that it's not your blog but hers because she put a beautiful picture of you.

    the thing is, im not following your blog but hers.
    so i always leave comments on hers, whether to admire her works or just to say a little hello to her princess.
    is that a crime? :))

    have a beautiful day, dear lili.
    by the way you can call me mita.
    does that make my name even stranger?

    say hi to your mom.


  8. Que divertidos que son tus dibujos, los mejores que he visto por aqui, ja, ja

  9. Hee hee- that's adorable - great work!

  10. Lili, sweet illustration! You're a cute kid, and you write wonderfully!

  11. LiLi you have an amazing imagination and your illustrations are truly unique and brilliant! =)

  12. nobody does anything for free. ;P