2010. május 12., szerda

Mustache period - Watchers

i wanna dedicate this drawing to one of my first blog friend jack foster whose biblehead i learn frequently and recomended his blog to my fellow students in my religion class in school but his blog is in english so we mostly just talked about his drawings. he always writes me and i very much like to write him back and he always nice but last time i was a little critical with his careless granny and now i feel a little bad that maybe i made him feel that he'd done real that bad but i can't help thinking that putting granny on the road like that is just too dangerous. but okey jack foster didn't post it on his biblehead it was on jacktoons. my drawing is meant to be about god but my god became a thick wide cloud and he has a cloud wife too and in that case he can't be really the god cos he do not allow himself to have a wife but god protects us and he's in everything and i see him in those big thick clouds above and it's been raining for a week or so and I spotted this bird down the river and the clouds were not those angry grey clouds at all they were filled full of sun to be poured onto us and though i had my mac on i still felt on my face and then from the shore saw that bird's succsessfull dive and those big protecting clouds and thought that was something and as i got home i quickly put it on paper and now i'm showing you. So maybe it is not god but something related to him or her no sure and i'm always puzzled but i think god wears a mustache and he is very old and full of wonder like those clouds comming and going by but always there to watch over us

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