2010. november 29., hétfő

Savour - of one kind or another

Okay okay i see you seem not to have liked my sneaky no comment so far and now i have only a couple of minutes before bedtime so i want to upload my quick drawings and share them with you on illustration friday cos i'm quite happy with them. so the new word is savour the meaning of which i was no sure of and have never used it before and now i know that it means that to enjoy a feeling or an experience thoroughly so here is my drawing of a thoroughly enjoyed feeling or experience. it's me listening to rock and roll is an animal which is a cool song from kontroll csoport. and they have a song called lili commando that i'm planning to share but has no video so i have to make one. anyway that's me lost in the music and behind me there is rock and roll i mean its claws and the writing says in the claws of the monster! and i say rock and roll!
okay and i got something less scary too and this is one of my recently drawn animals real animal this time not that rock and roll like and i show you him cos he is lonesome on its paper and it's like being in a cage you know and it's kinda sad and for him as my dictionary says life had lost its savour. but you may come and cheer him a little bit i think he deserves it and i myself might draw some bright color around too. so here is my elephant way too big to get friends or even a flower on the paper

2010. november 28., vasárnap

Songs I'm in - Lilly town

like this song not that one with the chipmonks but the original one and it's alizee i think it's a cool pick for this week though couldn't find a real video for this song i mean you know the one in which there's really action not only a screenshot so it's not that interesting and i guess my dream town is more colorful than her lilly's but still this song is good to listen and dance to so listen and dance bye

oh and one more that actually has no lili in it but it's good laugh and it's house md i really like his show i like in general everything with operation in it have i mentioned that i wanna be a vet in texas so i must see all the bloody part too and i watch nat geo a lot as well but let's cut back to house cos he's a real fun guy he's just too cool even if he's in this other show singing of having a real lust for becoming a tennis shoe but the real fun is to see him looking like that that hair i mean and that no wrinkled face so funny
oh and for the coolest one you can click here and laugh na-na-na-nah thank you

2010. november 25., csütörtök

Sneaky freaky something

check this out everybody just drawn it onto my mum's desk see? mum's making her funny cartoon and i was like standing there wrapped in that big towel watching her coloring the story and while standing there getting a little bit bored all of a sudden this thing came out of nowhere i mean i just drew some lines after all and i think it's kind of a sneaky little freaky little something that closely resembles a fatty tomcat. what do you think guys? is he sneaky enough?

2010. november 16., kedd

Burning & Some words of a forthcoming blog contest of mine

burning is an easy word to illustrate for me for sure so this week's illustration friday looks like no big deal apart from the fact that i lost my drawing of the mustashed evil with wagging tail and the paper was all in flames and the evil itself in the middle and all was done in smokey red and lighter around the evil who was red too but that red was more evilish and his mustache was thick black and his short cut hair and the end of the tail and maybe the eyes but not so sure about that. anyway as you see if burning is said my answer is hell or evil more or less 8 times out of ten. Since the original piece couldn't be found so far and redrawing it seems impossible and the week is getting shorter and shorter we looked for an old one and i tell you i got a lot. to be honest this is dad's pick cos i was too miserable to cope with it and i find this one too childish for me now i mean i drew it at the age of 5 or something and it's me and my little devil who in this picture is not hiding inside me and you know we used to do lots of no good things for sure but now i'm in the 3rd grade so i can say no to him. so it's not that evil really but red is the color and that color is there in the evil and there in the burning so it's like a little snippet of burning is captured in that by that. i don't know. but you see those grooves? that's cos out of this drawing i made a paper plane. and even with that this is just too happy for burning. oh i don't know.

this is my dad's other choice for burning cos for him love can be burning too and he thinks it can be seen this way. well i'm not sure. i mean without the red there's no burning i guess or maybe when red burns out there is black like ash and heart shaped out of smoke and a hellboy and a hellgirl in love. i don't know it's a bit still confusing for me. i don't even think it's a good enough drawing i didn't even finish it but as dad said hell knows let's put it on! oh yeah and those words about my contest. well my blog history is 1 year old i mean the birthsdayparty is held at 16th this month and i'm leaning toward to pick one of you to make you happy with a little gift from me and all of you can participate enter the contest the only thing to do is leaving a comment here or there in my blog. by the way all of the older comments play too. more to come soon. bye now