2010. november 28., vasárnap

Songs I'm in - Lilly town

like this song not that one with the chipmonks but the original one and it's alizee i think it's a cool pick for this week though couldn't find a real video for this song i mean you know the one in which there's really action not only a screenshot so it's not that interesting and i guess my dream town is more colorful than her lilly's but still this song is good to listen and dance to so listen and dance bye

oh and one more that actually has no lili in it but it's good laugh and it's house md i really like his show i like in general everything with operation in it have i mentioned that i wanna be a vet in texas so i must see all the bloody part too and i watch nat geo a lot as well but let's cut back to house cos he's a real fun guy he's just too cool even if he's in this other show singing of having a real lust for becoming a tennis shoe but the real fun is to see him looking like that that hair i mean and that no wrinkled face so funny
oh and for the coolest one you can click here and laugh na-na-na-nah thank you

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  1. A really nice song, Lili! Nevermind that there is not a real video - still the music is to be listened at, isn't it? I just wonder whether you've heard the song "Lilyano, mome" from my comment on May 22nd... Have a wondreful new week!:-)

  2. hi rossichka
    i looked for your music and found it and i find it strange i think it's a bit kind of too folkish for my taste i mean not that kind of folk music a like to listen to which is gingalló from szalóki ági or lajkó félix and rúzsa magdi that can be found here somewhere in my blog or ghymes for example you know this is my kind but this chinese version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jpm01bTpRwA is really silly okay check nat wild there is a really interesting film going on so i have to go bye

  3. okay now commercials again. but before that i can tell you they mentioned the panyókás sakál very very funny name for an animal right oh end of ads bye

  4. Dear Lili, I just thought it would be interesting for you to hear a Blgarian folk song, dedicated to Lilyana - the name which diminutive is Lili . What about the Chinese version - this man is simply trying to dance and I think he has learnt his steps well. There're a lot of people all over the world who dance Bulharian folk dances and sing Bulgarian folk songs as the London Bulgarian Choir for instance - http://www.londonbulgarianchoir.co.uk/members.php Have a nice new week!