2010. december 31., péntek

... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ...

almost there almost there just 3 more hours oh guys i'm so excited and it's my mother's birthsday december 31st 10pm and dad and me we made a delicious cake together i wisked and decorated and it really looks good but mum's not allowed to taste it till ten so it's 1 more hour so till then we are gonna play champions and before midnight i'll pick my names the ones who can join to andrew finnie but now i've to go see you later

2010. december 26., vasárnap


oh got lots of things to do today and just got a couple of minutes to share my winter letters with you. i gotta tell you that the idea came while scrolling williebaronet and his tricky drawings made me create my own letterstyle version of winter so here it is what do you think? i think the w is perfect and the e and the t are almost there

and i've some more letters to you and this time there's no drawing involved and it is my poem actually that i wrote 1 year ago and it's about cold cold december which is winter so it fits. and wanna know how it came to my mind? i mean that i've this poem of december. well for lunch today we wanted to eat fishsoup that mum made yesterday morning and dad thought it needed some adjustment so in secret at night he played some cooking but forgot to put the thing back in the fridge so today at lunch we had to realize that the whole soup had gone berserk. and then we decieded to go out but both the gyros stand and the chinese restaurant were closed so we had to walk back home in the freezing cold and it was really really cold almost as cold as a year before and dad told me hey lili do you remember your poem and i said oh yeah my poem sure so here it is both the handwritten original in hungarian and i'll give you the translation too and you've to know that the translator is tamás heil a friend of my mum and now i can remember his brother who was meant to draft the plan of our loft studio but couldn't finish it cos he died cos he was very very sick and i drew a magic drawing to him that should have been placed underneath his pillow and that drawing those little ants could have taken that awful illness away piece by piece in their little parcels during the nights while him sleeping but i failed to give it to him and now it feels a bit bad and sad and now i think i'd like to dedicate this poem to him and it's called the winter and it is really an ode







2010. december 25., szombat

Jesus was here

i mean well not jesus but the angels and tell you what and that's true they were dressed up in black and their wings were black too and there's a very bright greenish rectangle light somewhere around them the size of a brick well i didn't actually see any angels only some parts like the light a head black silhouettes heard the sound of the wings a couple of chuckles here and there and angel whistle so you can put these angelic things together and here they are and it's serious. before yesterday i'd had some doubts maybe that's why i told dad to buy the tree together i don't know and mum told me not to worry cos if my beliving in the angels delivering my gifts was sort of fading it was going to be her who'd take care of my wishes and told me she had already bought me some little something just in case so it was the first time we decorated the tree together and it looks wonderful and we made a lot of ornaments and baked a beautiful chocolate cake and lots of gingerbreads together and even made some tiny parcels to our neighbours and hung them onto their doorhandles secretly and when the sun went down it was time to go for a walk to let the angels do their duties so we decieded to go and see the lonesome dog down the street and wish him a merry christmas but he wasn't there though the visiting wasn't in vain cos on the way we sensed the angels and they were black and hiding but they were there for sure and i can tell you our home was visited by the angels too and i was given lots and lots of gifts i got books a boardgame a mic for singing karaoke a coraline doll that's not available here in hungary! a real sewing machine a box of fortune cockies a beautiful framed poster of a jazzy band of funny animals a plush finger puppet bat a worm shaped thermometer and a dvd a beautiful animation called u that's the title simply u for unicorn and it must be seen for sure cos it is so good we've already watched it and of course mum and dad gave me their gift too which is a beanbag hammockchair. oh and i got a magic box from my gerő and zsombi my cousins and my grandma said on the phone yesterday that there were some boxes under their tree with my name on them oh and today with mum and dad i played a lot sang karaoke and played boardgame and now in bed i'm gonna read one of my new book George's secret key to the universe and it's very very interesting and i'm gonna show you what i gave to mum and dad but first i gotta take some pictures tomorrow and maybe i'll draw something as well okay i have to go now so merry christmas and see you tomorrow bye

so as promised here come my pigs that i made to my mum as gifts for christmas and i pictured them on my pansydaisy bag. the other gift that i gave to my father can't show you cos it is a huge posterlike drawing of dad as he's shooting the basketball while me and mum are cheering

2010. december 23., csütörtök

No mailman allowed!

i know i know i'm a bit late again but finally i figured out what this mail thing was about for me and i have to link here mister foster's animation of no mail delivery where i found my idea of MAIL cos he mentioned that awful dog spray too then bingo i just knew what to do so here is the dog who actually likes every kind of mailmen but it is his face that makes it hard to belive but he can't help it right? he was born like this you know and all he got is that damn dog spray all the time but he always forgives them for that and keeps on hoping for a real friend cos his master is real grumpy and never hugs him just tells him keep out stinky dog and bark at those kids and mailmen and that no good master even pinned a sign sayin no mailman allowed which means no more bad news but it's not the way to keep them out right anyway poor dog my heart i'll hug you and i tell you no need to worry cos you know his bark is worse than his bite or something like that bye

2010. december 14., kedd

Blog anniversary & Giveaways

hey everyone I've already mentioned that my blog is 1 year old and to celebrate this i'd like to give away some of my drawings in a little booklet and my handmade gizmos originally made for st lucy school fair. they are penguin and snowman pins that i sewed and are made of baize and they are really funny but i have to tell you that mum helped me a bit and she even helped me with the cellophane packaging i mean she made the packing for me cos i watched a little x factor instead and it was horrible really i don't know why everybody's raving about that at school so i had to choose a personal favorite but she got dropped so anyway i'll pick one or maybe two of you who've made comments on this blog of mine and every comment counts and i'll pick the names on the last day of this year in the very last hour. so be prepared i'm very excited cos this gonna be my first blog contest.
oh and for some possible bonus i don't know tokens here is a riddle so you'd better listen carefully: a cowboy goes into town on friday for 3 days. he leaves on friday. how did he do it?

2010. december 13., hétfő

Something like a phenomena

hear me out everyone i've got here and now something that's really like a phenomenon! or can a painting be a phenomenon or it must be a someone? anyway i've chosen mona lisa's smile of which it is said that it changes depending on where you look. this summer in paris i saw her but the place was too crowded so i couldn't check that on the spot but i managed to take a picture and that action of mine was pictured too so i can show you the moment as well but it's not the point here cos i made my own enigmatic version of that smile and it's not that perfect as da vinci's but i had to twist it a bit to have the required effect that i haven't experienced yet but i belive it is close to that of the original phenomenon. so here comes my smile. first i tried to be much more realistic but it didn't work out so in this final version i really focused on the smile itself so the rest of the face is made to serve that goal only that's why it became that rough and insideout.
and i like to tell you how i came up with this frenetic idea. i was watching dining out with timon & pumbaa and there was that funny moment that accident with the painting and then pumbaa said hey look timon! you're timonalisa! and for that timon said now's not the time for comedy pumbaa!

2010. december 12., vasárnap

In prehistoric times again

i know prehistory is over but on tuesday tomás serrano planted that thing in my mind about those caves in his neighbourhood and yesterday i googled altamira and now that's really great but i think that drawing of mine didn't quite fit and i thought i should come up with something more prehistoric i mean as prehistoric as those caves and i made this quick sketch of this prehistoric dude and his prehistoric pet and they are posing as friends on the wall of the cave and my prehistoric man doesn't eat mammoth cos the two are like Manny and Diego from the ice age movie you know so my man eats only roots and stuff. and tomás is right about his place named santander sounding almost like my place szentendre and i really like this kind of links and who knows maybe one day i should go to santander too

2010. december 6., hétfő


i was just about to draw some prehistoric creatures when Luca came and took my paper. she's almost 3 so it's dangerous to say no to her and i let her do some scribbles which is actually me according to her and after she threw it away i fetched my pen and made some adjustments here and there see those blue cubes? that was me and this mix of our lines look kind of interesting and i think it is a real trace of our prehistoric time i mean okay i could write down my thoughts if i wanted to do so but Luca still in her prehistoric time and she is still hard to read even understand her high squeaky voice so i guess my cubes may make her figure in the middle make sense of a sort cos with my cubes her lines can be really seen as a kid playing at kindergarten but i know prehistoric remains are almost imposible to figure out and sometimes even i can't figure out my old drawings so that's our prehistoric thing for this week bye