2010. december 13., hétfő

Something like a phenomena

hear me out everyone i've got here and now something that's really like a phenomenon! or can a painting be a phenomenon or it must be a someone? anyway i've chosen mona lisa's smile of which it is said that it changes depending on where you look. this summer in paris i saw her but the place was too crowded so i couldn't check that on the spot but i managed to take a picture and that action of mine was pictured too so i can show you the moment as well but it's not the point here cos i made my own enigmatic version of that smile and it's not that perfect as da vinci's but i had to twist it a bit to have the required effect that i haven't experienced yet but i belive it is close to that of the original phenomenon. so here comes my smile. first i tried to be much more realistic but it didn't work out so in this final version i really focused on the smile itself so the rest of the face is made to serve that goal only that's why it became that rough and insideout.
and i like to tell you how i came up with this frenetic idea. i was watching dining out with timon & pumbaa and there was that funny moment that accident with the painting and then pumbaa said hey look timon! you're timonalisa! and for that timon said now's not the time for comedy pumbaa!

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  1. Hello little one,

    The deer and the moon are both miserable, but the moon is trying hard to give the deer her best smile.

    awww sorry for making you confused Honey, thats because my lovelife is confusing.

    bye for now, say hello to your mom,


    ps: so you were in Paris? oh, i wish i could go there... sometimes.

  2. delightful, simply delightful...

  3. Love the concept and your line drawing. I wonder if Mona Lisa is laughing at us!

  4. Ha, ha... Your Mona Lisa seems a clear ancestor of E.T. Gorgeous.

  5. Love that drawing! And even more I love your brain. thanks for the interesting comments! :-))

  6. Pumba would be proud of you. Nice one Lili!!!

  7. hi six of you thank you very much for your typing and i cant reply nothing on Devil's confusig love life and i saw no love life in that drawing of yours maybe that's why it was a bit confusing for me and christine you think mona lisa is not smiling? for me she's kinda smileish but im no that sure now and tomás i really love your valdo and i think you're a little bit right about my smile resembling mr ET and for that i like my drrawing even more and rrramone nobody's ever told me that thing about my brain and interesting drawings deserve interesting comment though cant see why you saying my comment's interesting i just told you what i saw and jack what do you mean pumba would be proud of me i mean thanx

  8. Hi Lili!

    Your Mona-lisa version is very interesting. Somehow she looks older then the original painting. But that may be the fact that when we are 8, every body older then us are... old. :) Keep on drawing, beautiful imagination!!