2010. július 29., csütörtök

Rabbit Racing Team & Jenson Button

hi everyone! as the owner of rabbit racing team i'm very very proud to introduce you my brand new driver the one and only jenson button who signed the contract yesterday evening and it only cost me 1 hour waiting but as it's said the game was worth the candle and while waiting i had a close look at the car that i took a couple of pictures of and that he probably is not driving this weekend on the hungaroring where the real battle will take place and unfortunately i won't be there but surely watch the race on the telly with dad. frankly speaking i'm right now a lewis hamilton fan but he was not around yesterday but he is more handsome than jenson i guess though jenson looked okey too and he was stubbly like dad. the car itself looks bigger than i thought and i secretly touched the front left tire and the nose of the car and i could give it a little push too although it was strictly forbidden and when jenson came in for the signing that took something like 5 minutes the crowd went berserk and i wasn't afraid but too little to be noticed and people were falling and all of them were like jenson please please jenson but didn't say a word only showed this drawing and my arms were not long enough to reach the pilot and than dad took my drawing and he was bigger than the crowd and then the pilot finally could see the carrot car and he was as pleased as can be and gave his last autograph to me ... now i'm very proud and happier than ever and while walking to the nearby suburban railway station i called réka and boti and they had already taken a shower and been ready for bed and i was so excited and they weren't that much but i was telling the whole story from head to toe anyway. i can't show them this drawing and the pictures taken in the event cos they are off to the lake balaton. so i'm sharing them with you first. i'm very happy and luckier than dad who has an autograph of a famous hungarian racedriver too but his pilot is long gone to heaven and couldn't make the formula one though had his chance and his name was csaba kesjár and as a kid when got the autograph dad was as happy as i am now and he keeps the signed paper in the last of the mohicans. and now i show you my pictures

2010. július 28., szerda

Double - the good and the bad inside

i think i got a good one for the weekly if mission and it was among my recent lion drawings and it is my interpretation of a personal favourite frame from the best ever lion king movie which is obviously simba's pride and this drawing tries to capture the moment when kovu is staring into the river and his reflection's turning into scar's face and you know that scar was his father who was the evil itself and wanted to take over the pride lands but he obviously must have failed. and now the outlander from birth kovu with love in his heart but with that scar on his face have to choose between good and bad and however he's already chosen to want to follow the good that scar and blood and that it is stated that Scar chose Kovu to be his successor still ties him too much to the past and a fate that he deserves not. but i tell you when the last battle comes he will have been on the right side. i think i've done it well but to be frank it took loads and loads of failure till got this one. the hardest part was to draw the reflection on the surface of the water and that reflection had to be similar to the evil scar but not that evil cos it was still kovu who's good behind his own scarred face. however i paused the movie at this scene i did not trace the frame i mean i didn't copy it by drawing this on transparent paper placed over the screen you know i think it is very important to know. i didn't put on any colours cos it's better this way. in grey. what do you think.

okey dokey i show you one more out of my lion series and actually it is a failed attempt to catch Kiara who is the daughter of Simba and Nala and she is the one who helps kovu turn inside and see it really is not that good but mom said let's put it on too cos it just as much deserves it so you can see it and we agreed that it rather looked like those hyenas the followers of scar shenzi and bonzai and ed all three melted together into the perfect evil hyena head. Anyway these are a couple of my lion drawings done lately and hope you like it bye

2010. július 27., kedd

Songs I'm in - Lily the Pink

and finally my song for this week and this one is really silly and it was Jacquie Rolston who called my attention to this song that is about lily the pink and the singers are very funny indeed especially the tall and skinny on the left hand side who's holding the mic as if it was hot or sticky and he's seemingly trying to keep his elegant costume nice and well and see he pulled a nice trick right? the point is lily invented a medicinal compound that makes all the people do strange and happy things and kills the pain in the head but at the end of the song poor lily dies though she keeps on singing up in the heaven and makes all the sad angels a bit happier as usual and they sing along. and see at the end of the video the singer in the middle makes funny faces as he tries to nudge away his fellow singer's hand from his left shoulder. it is very funny. makes you laugh, right? so sing it and dance it.

and this time i have a bonus for you. she is Selena Gomez singing and i like her song very much now and she is a top secret agent girl and her mission takes place here in my neighbourhood which is budapest (i'm in szentendre) and you can see in this video all the places turists usually visit around here. I used to watch wizards of waverly place and i liked it but disney channel is not available right now only cartoon network nickelodeon and minimax and i don't watch those that much really. and i liked hannah montana as well cos it was funny too and one of my first drawing that i shared with you on my blog is of Emily Osment click here and i can show you. oh and i forgot she's lilly too Lilly Truscott. remember? but for now let's listen to round and round and bye and bye and bye-bye

2010. július 13., kedd

Diary - Tuesday a.m.

up and running now. first thing this morning to drink my nesquick. already done. had a pleasant dream that i can't remember now but i can remember how hard it was to blink cos my lids were scratching the white of my eyes because of the remains of the sleeping powder from the night before that i finally washed out around half past 9 and then boti and réka came over and mum thought they were dwarfish cat burglers cos she only saw 2 shady looking silhouettes through the shutter but they are obviously not toolmen they are my good friends and in a couple of minutes we were off to play and we played but mum phoned réka's mum to send me home cos it was lunchtime. haven't yet eaten so far. till then i'm writing this post that i'm gonna share on the illustration friday blog too but don't have no fresh drawing to upload so we chose an old one that shows an octopus which is really a quadropus a baby quadropus who will grow four more arms when the time comes. what i mean is it's no a jellyfish. mum said it looked like a medusa. maybe. she might be a baby medusa as well and she is harmless and surely likes to swim with swimming hoarses and the like and when you turn the picture upside down it's like the head of medusa we saw in paris a bit evil looking with its big nose and with the shadow that hides half of its face and that eye is really like lurking around. anyway i still don't know what it's got to do with diary. though living a double life can be quit interesting. jellyfish in general is interesting. not to mention a head that turned into a medusa itself. so that's in my diary today. half of my day's done.

2010. július 12., hétfő

Back from Paris

Hi, everybody! i mean is anybody out there? well Long time no see i mean you know school's out and i've been enjoying my long waited summer vacation. no more pencils no more books no more teachers' dirty looks. we learnt it on our last day of school at my english lesson and it was fun shouting out loud. but it's not that i wanted to talk about. More important I'm back from paris and it was huge. i will show pieces of it to you later on but not in this post I'm afraid cos i need some time to sort it out all in my head and i took a lot of pictures too way too much but first i have to see and hug my friends with who i want very much to play and play and play again. but before that i'm here to say hi to you. so hi! i'm alive.

and now i see you liked my last drawings especially my trees so i decided to give you more of them. i have a lot and i have a story too. I overheard a conversation between my parents and their friends and they were talking about me i mean the paper my psychologist had given to them about the result of our talking hours and the drawings i'd made during the time spent with her and what they were talking about was mostly blah blah but then i heard talking about one of my drawn tree the one i'd drawn to the psycologist and my parents mentioned that thing of me not drawing roots that my tree was rootless and it meant something but i can't remember what. the point is i can prove it to you that not all of my trees are rootless cos in my drawer i've got some that pictures the roots too and i show you here one that i like cos that tree has some of its roots ending in hand by which the tree is able to grab hold of the spinning earth and won't let go and it's firmly standing and still can make friends with the squirrel. Dad told me not to bother about it and he told me that the psychologist just can't see the wood for the trees and he laughed and i laughed too though neither i could see the wood but i couldn't tell him. drew my forest instead. see here it is. below. centered. peacefull green leaves protecting those animals. very bright cos it's that scorching here. so i attached it just in case cos that's how i can see the wood for the trees. nice right? so beautiful. i like it very much

and i like this one on the left as well. a tree that i drew by using the other end of my pencil where used to be an eraser but the rubber's long gone and chewed away. figured out lately that by the metal ring that left on the top things like trees can be nicely scratched onto a blank white paper. interesting isn't it? and if you were able to touch the surface gently you'd feel the grooves and the lines like pale grayish blood vessels. that's a silver willow in a windy garden. a sad and scared willow you might tell. it feels that way. or it's like fire. a burning willow. rather scary. it can feel that way too. so that's all for now but i promise you i'll try to write more often. okey i'm off and see you later. probably tomorrow and who knows i might show you my new lions. i have improved a lot! oh and i won't forget paris. bye