2010. július 12., hétfő

Back from Paris

Hi, everybody! i mean is anybody out there? well Long time no see i mean you know school's out and i've been enjoying my long waited summer vacation. no more pencils no more books no more teachers' dirty looks. we learnt it on our last day of school at my english lesson and it was fun shouting out loud. but it's not that i wanted to talk about. More important I'm back from paris and it was huge. i will show pieces of it to you later on but not in this post I'm afraid cos i need some time to sort it out all in my head and i took a lot of pictures too way too much but first i have to see and hug my friends with who i want very much to play and play and play again. but before that i'm here to say hi to you. so hi! i'm alive.

and now i see you liked my last drawings especially my trees so i decided to give you more of them. i have a lot and i have a story too. I overheard a conversation between my parents and their friends and they were talking about me i mean the paper my psychologist had given to them about the result of our talking hours and the drawings i'd made during the time spent with her and what they were talking about was mostly blah blah but then i heard talking about one of my drawn tree the one i'd drawn to the psycologist and my parents mentioned that thing of me not drawing roots that my tree was rootless and it meant something but i can't remember what. the point is i can prove it to you that not all of my trees are rootless cos in my drawer i've got some that pictures the roots too and i show you here one that i like cos that tree has some of its roots ending in hand by which the tree is able to grab hold of the spinning earth and won't let go and it's firmly standing and still can make friends with the squirrel. Dad told me not to bother about it and he told me that the psychologist just can't see the wood for the trees and he laughed and i laughed too though neither i could see the wood but i couldn't tell him. drew my forest instead. see here it is. below. centered. peacefull green leaves protecting those animals. very bright cos it's that scorching here. so i attached it just in case cos that's how i can see the wood for the trees. nice right? so beautiful. i like it very much

and i like this one on the left as well. a tree that i drew by using the other end of my pencil where used to be an eraser but the rubber's long gone and chewed away. figured out lately that by the metal ring that left on the top things like trees can be nicely scratched onto a blank white paper. interesting isn't it? and if you were able to touch the surface gently you'd feel the grooves and the lines like pale grayish blood vessels. that's a silver willow in a windy garden. a sad and scared willow you might tell. it feels that way. or it's like fire. a burning willow. rather scary. it can feel that way too. so that's all for now but i promise you i'll try to write more often. okey i'm off and see you later. probably tomorrow and who knows i might show you my new lions. i have improved a lot! oh and i won't forget paris. bye

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  1. Hi, dear Lili! I'm so glad you are here! To be honest, I worried about you! Now I can sigh out of relief... Paris is a wonderful place to get "lost"! I like your new trees, especially the silver willow with the drawing technique you've invented!:-) When you have time (after playing, playing and playing with your dear friends who you've missed!), please check out what I wrote to you in the last posts - you'll see why! Have a rest now and sweet dreams!xx

  2. Hello LiLi, welcome back. I wasn't worried at all because you look like you would fall on your feet. Not saying that you are a cat!!!!! (I always fall on y face so I am jealous) Paris is grand, you are lucky LiLi to visit.

    Thank you for writing so well.
    You are a good writer.
    And you spell like me - in an interesting and thoughtful manner!

    see you


  3. Hola Lili :D glad to see your creative mind sharing again your thoughts and drawings!