2010. augusztus 3., kedd

Artificial - my no real toys

on this week's if word i had had nothing till yesterday evening came and it was the new toy story movie that got the thing going cos i was at my cousins' but had not got my toys around except mr hawthorn of course but to play the game i needed more so i drew some of them by heart and finished the best ones on my mac later and chose great background colors. but to be honest it is hard to play real time game with drawings i mean it's much more interesting when you all on your own and play on the paper i mean you are drawing and during that lots of things going on and i see them all and it is a great thing to do when no friends around and while I'm drawing things often get so good that i go and play it real with my toys and dolls and things and gizmos and stuff but when you are with playmates and the play turns out to be toy story and you ain't got your own and loved toys in hand and don't feel like playing with stranger toys unless those are cool ones you say oh i have to draw and sometimes others join too and we draw and it is fun but those drawings are not that good to play with cos they are just stuck and paper thin and easily get crumpled and only can be seen as weak substitutes for the real and warm toys of mine. can i say that these are artificial? i mean you know to play with and you're not at home with yours i don't know in real shape they are better to play with. maybe. and probably better looking as well. ok that's it like it play it bye!