2010. július 29., csütörtök

Rabbit Racing Team & Jenson Button

hi everyone! as the owner of rabbit racing team i'm very very proud to introduce you my brand new driver the one and only jenson button who signed the contract yesterday evening and it only cost me 1 hour waiting but as it's said the game was worth the candle and while waiting i had a close look at the car that i took a couple of pictures of and that he probably is not driving this weekend on the hungaroring where the real battle will take place and unfortunately i won't be there but surely watch the race on the telly with dad. frankly speaking i'm right now a lewis hamilton fan but he was not around yesterday but he is more handsome than jenson i guess though jenson looked okey too and he was stubbly like dad. the car itself looks bigger than i thought and i secretly touched the front left tire and the nose of the car and i could give it a little push too although it was strictly forbidden and when jenson came in for the signing that took something like 5 minutes the crowd went berserk and i wasn't afraid but too little to be noticed and people were falling and all of them were like jenson please please jenson but didn't say a word only showed this drawing and my arms were not long enough to reach the pilot and than dad took my drawing and he was bigger than the crowd and then the pilot finally could see the carrot car and he was as pleased as can be and gave his last autograph to me ... now i'm very proud and happier than ever and while walking to the nearby suburban railway station i called réka and boti and they had already taken a shower and been ready for bed and i was so excited and they weren't that much but i was telling the whole story from head to toe anyway. i can't show them this drawing and the pictures taken in the event cos they are off to the lake balaton. so i'm sharing them with you first. i'm very happy and luckier than dad who has an autograph of a famous hungarian racedriver too but his pilot is long gone to heaven and couldn't make the formula one though had his chance and his name was csaba kesjár and as a kid when got the autograph dad was as happy as i am now and he keeps the signed paper in the last of the mohicans. and now i show you my pictures

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  1. Szia LILI!
    Kiváncsi vagyok, hogy a következő versenyen nyuszis autóba űl-e....
    Tök jó, hogy sikerült dedikáltatnod!
    Majd megnézzük élőben is....

  2. Hi Lili, came here from Jalopnik. Enjoyed reading your post. I visited Papa and Budapest a few years ago and really enjoyed Hungary. Good luck to you in your racing adventures!

  3. Wonderful! you have great talent, keep up the good work.

  4. Hey Lili! Happy racing! This weeks word was perfect for you and you really did a great illustration! I love the carrot car! you have a great imagination.

  5. A super drawing of the Rabbit in the carrot car. Lucky you getting close to a racing car.