2010. július 28., szerda

Double - the good and the bad inside

i think i got a good one for the weekly if mission and it was among my recent lion drawings and it is my interpretation of a personal favourite frame from the best ever lion king movie which is obviously simba's pride and this drawing tries to capture the moment when kovu is staring into the river and his reflection's turning into scar's face and you know that scar was his father who was the evil itself and wanted to take over the pride lands but he obviously must have failed. and now the outlander from birth kovu with love in his heart but with that scar on his face have to choose between good and bad and however he's already chosen to want to follow the good that scar and blood and that it is stated that Scar chose Kovu to be his successor still ties him too much to the past and a fate that he deserves not. but i tell you when the last battle comes he will have been on the right side. i think i've done it well but to be frank it took loads and loads of failure till got this one. the hardest part was to draw the reflection on the surface of the water and that reflection had to be similar to the evil scar but not that evil cos it was still kovu who's good behind his own scarred face. however i paused the movie at this scene i did not trace the frame i mean i didn't copy it by drawing this on transparent paper placed over the screen you know i think it is very important to know. i didn't put on any colours cos it's better this way. in grey. what do you think.

okey dokey i show you one more out of my lion series and actually it is a failed attempt to catch Kiara who is the daughter of Simba and Nala and she is the one who helps kovu turn inside and see it really is not that good but mom said let's put it on too cos it just as much deserves it so you can see it and we agreed that it rather looked like those hyenas the followers of scar shenzi and bonzai and ed all three melted together into the perfect evil hyena head. Anyway these are a couple of my lion drawings done lately and hope you like it bye

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  1. Very nice Lili! Lion King is one of my all-time favorites too. You did a terrific job!!

  2. I actually like the Kiara illustration the best! Keep it up!