2010. július 27., kedd

Songs I'm in - Lily the Pink

and finally my song for this week and this one is really silly and it was Jacquie Rolston who called my attention to this song that is about lily the pink and the singers are very funny indeed especially the tall and skinny on the left hand side who's holding the mic as if it was hot or sticky and he's seemingly trying to keep his elegant costume nice and well and see he pulled a nice trick right? the point is lily invented a medicinal compound that makes all the people do strange and happy things and kills the pain in the head but at the end of the song poor lily dies though she keeps on singing up in the heaven and makes all the sad angels a bit happier as usual and they sing along. and see at the end of the video the singer in the middle makes funny faces as he tries to nudge away his fellow singer's hand from his left shoulder. it is very funny. makes you laugh, right? so sing it and dance it.

and this time i have a bonus for you. she is Selena Gomez singing and i like her song very much now and she is a top secret agent girl and her mission takes place here in my neighbourhood which is budapest (i'm in szentendre) and you can see in this video all the places turists usually visit around here. I used to watch wizards of waverly place and i liked it but disney channel is not available right now only cartoon network nickelodeon and minimax and i don't watch those that much really. and i liked hannah montana as well cos it was funny too and one of my first drawing that i shared with you on my blog is of Emily Osment click here and i can show you. oh and i forgot she's lilly too Lilly Truscott. remember? but for now let's listen to round and round and bye and bye and bye-bye

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