2010. július 13., kedd

Diary - Tuesday a.m.

up and running now. first thing this morning to drink my nesquick. already done. had a pleasant dream that i can't remember now but i can remember how hard it was to blink cos my lids were scratching the white of my eyes because of the remains of the sleeping powder from the night before that i finally washed out around half past 9 and then boti and réka came over and mum thought they were dwarfish cat burglers cos she only saw 2 shady looking silhouettes through the shutter but they are obviously not toolmen they are my good friends and in a couple of minutes we were off to play and we played but mum phoned réka's mum to send me home cos it was lunchtime. haven't yet eaten so far. till then i'm writing this post that i'm gonna share on the illustration friday blog too but don't have no fresh drawing to upload so we chose an old one that shows an octopus which is really a quadropus a baby quadropus who will grow four more arms when the time comes. what i mean is it's no a jellyfish. mum said it looked like a medusa. maybe. she might be a baby medusa as well and she is harmless and surely likes to swim with swimming hoarses and the like and when you turn the picture upside down it's like the head of medusa we saw in paris a bit evil looking with its big nose and with the shadow that hides half of its face and that eye is really like lurking around. anyway i still don't know what it's got to do with diary. though living a double life can be quit interesting. jellyfish in general is interesting. not to mention a head that turned into a medusa itself. so that's in my diary today. half of my day's done.

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  1. Dear Lili, so nice to read from you! Your thoughts are flowing like a river and I'm running to follow them, sometimes I'm stumbling in the lack of full stops, but stand upquickly and rush to catch what I have lost! You are a good story-teller, maybe you could become a good writer one day...:-))
    I like your double-living sea-creature, whatever you call it! (A nice combination of colours!) It's funny, but really can be insidious!
    You describe so well the strength of the sleeping powder.:)I'm drinking at the moment a cup of strong coffee just to get rid of it (the sun rays through the window had taken me unexpectedly to the knigdom of dreams for a while...). Bye for now!
    P.S. I just wonder where did you learn to speak English so well?

  2. Heisann!

    I am new on IF, and will visit some selected blogs to get to know some of you.
    Your post is charming and I to enjoy your work!

  3. Hey Lili! So nice to see your work and read your diary! Very nice! You are so busy. Thanks for taking time for us! I Love stopping by to visit!

  4. but this is a page of your diary ;)! and it´s so great read it! thank you!
    and i love the your baby quadropus :)