2010. december 23., csütörtök

No mailman allowed!

i know i know i'm a bit late again but finally i figured out what this mail thing was about for me and i have to link here mister foster's animation of no mail delivery where i found my idea of MAIL cos he mentioned that awful dog spray too then bingo i just knew what to do so here is the dog who actually likes every kind of mailmen but it is his face that makes it hard to belive but he can't help it right? he was born like this you know and all he got is that damn dog spray all the time but he always forgives them for that and keeps on hoping for a real friend cos his master is real grumpy and never hugs him just tells him keep out stinky dog and bark at those kids and mailmen and that no good master even pinned a sign sayin no mailman allowed which means no more bad news but it's not the way to keep them out right anyway poor dog my heart i'll hug you and i tell you no need to worry cos you know his bark is worse than his bite or something like that bye

5 megjegyzés:

  1. So cute! I like all dogs, all shapes and sizes! I agree, some have barks worse than their bites...just like people, they deserve a little love! :o)

  2. hahahhaha! i agree with everything you said :D

  3. I just want to give him a big hug. I hope most people treat thier dogs much differently and give them all the hugs they need because as you said all dogs need love