2010. december 6., hétfő


i was just about to draw some prehistoric creatures when Luca came and took my paper. she's almost 3 so it's dangerous to say no to her and i let her do some scribbles which is actually me according to her and after she threw it away i fetched my pen and made some adjustments here and there see those blue cubes? that was me and this mix of our lines look kind of interesting and i think it is a real trace of our prehistoric time i mean okay i could write down my thoughts if i wanted to do so but Luca still in her prehistoric time and she is still hard to read even understand her high squeaky voice so i guess my cubes may make her figure in the middle make sense of a sort cos with my cubes her lines can be really seen as a kid playing at kindergarten but i know prehistoric remains are almost imposible to figure out and sometimes even i can't figure out my old drawings so that's our prehistoric thing for this week bye

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  1. Really prehistoric! It could be in the Altamira Caves, in Santander, in Spain. By the way, it´s a similar name that your town.