2010. november 29., hétfő

Savour - of one kind or another

Okay okay i see you seem not to have liked my sneaky no comment so far and now i have only a couple of minutes before bedtime so i want to upload my quick drawings and share them with you on illustration friday cos i'm quite happy with them. so the new word is savour the meaning of which i was no sure of and have never used it before and now i know that it means that to enjoy a feeling or an experience thoroughly so here is my drawing of a thoroughly enjoyed feeling or experience. it's me listening to rock and roll is an animal which is a cool song from kontroll csoport. and they have a song called lili commando that i'm planning to share but has no video so i have to make one. anyway that's me lost in the music and behind me there is rock and roll i mean its claws and the writing says in the claws of the monster! and i say rock and roll!
okay and i got something less scary too and this is one of my recently drawn animals real animal this time not that rock and roll like and i show you him cos he is lonesome on its paper and it's like being in a cage you know and it's kinda sad and for him as my dictionary says life had lost its savour. but you may come and cheer him a little bit i think he deserves it and i myself might draw some bright color around too. so here is my elephant way too big to get friends or even a flower on the paper

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  1. Hi Lili, thanks for your intriguing comment! Don't worry, the old man is kindly. It's the cat who was the sneaky one in this book, but by this illo he's learned his lesson.

    I like to savour music with my headphones too. And one of the saddest sights I remember were some elephants at a fair whose life seemed to have lost its savor. Maybe you could draw a bird to keep yours company? Keep up the great drawings!

  2. Love the rock and roll drawing! Great expression of bliss. :)