2010. május 20., csütörtök

Songs I'm in - Pictures of Lily

hi everybody now here's some little something i found on the net long ago and since then i've been singing it loud cos it's that much good really really good and me so much in it but i was not allowed to post it cos my dad said he thought that these guys did sing rather about a naughty kind of love and the lyrics are not as romantic as it first seemed and told me i'd surely understand it after a few years but i so much love the song itself and the way they performed it more than 40 years ago dressed like those scooby-doo characters especially the drummer boy he's just so sonic and the one who plays the trumpet and at the end of his solo he looks like not even wanting to know what's really going on and the short man singer and the noisy gitarplayer are cool too i mean odd which is cool right? Anyway after i promised dad i was not going to write that their so much loved lili could be me it'd be okey and he even looked it up somewhere that the girl herself was a so called pinup from the first big war and wasn't that cute at all and her name is lily bayliss but there is a 2nd option in which a nice lady was involved named lillie langtry and she is okey like a teacher i guess and for me none of them fit the song so well i don't know but that's not the point right so listen and sing out loud pictures of lily lily oh lily and then comes the trumpet

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  1. Dear sweet Lili, hello! A couple of days ago I found your blog and liked it at once! I haven't seen and read everything yet, but I will do it in near future. I'm a puppet theatre director and love to work for and with children! I have a little puppet studio where children learn how to make puppets and play with them...
    Your drawings are all wonderful! That's why I'm giving you a little award. Go to my blog and you'll see...:-)