2010. március 28., vasárnap

Rescue - Connecting 2 Sides of 1 Sheet

on the a-side I drew an urban lad similar to the one I spied at the suburban railway station at békásmegyer. nice watch and shiny belt. to be honest first I thought I was going to draw a poor man like the one in the folktale our mistress told us before our first class some days ago that’s the reason for the untidy hair. he's beginning to feel the first rays of the sleepy spring sun and he is very happy about it. on the b-side there is an alien planet to where the lonesome explorer’s rocket has just landed. green shy strangers are about to have some guts to greet him. or her. I think the explorer is a girl. and the lad on the other side might be dreaming of her and the girl as well maybe would like to have him on her side so to end that miserable journey of hers and she doesn’t know yet though that deep in her heart she’s really been looking for him. and just for him.

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  1. Hey Lili!!! This is so excellent! Love your imagination! You are an very good illustrator and an exceptional writer. Nice work.

  2. hi Lili! I love your stories and pictures.I'm Hungarian too,but live in Canada.
    szia :)

  3. hey Lili, your place is really cool!!


  4. Hello Lili!
    Your blog is BRILLIANT! I love your pictures! I particularly like the space ship here! Keep up the good work!

  5. gorgeous story, very well imagined... I like the fact that they are technically in the same paper, but unfortunately on different sides! And on the girl's side, when you see him faintly there, it surely seems like it could be a dream of hers.
    Great concept!