2010. március 14., vasárnap

Portray of mine as a penguin

made a couple of months ago in school when playing penguin school with two of my friends from my class and I was the student. I chose to be a royal penguin but during I was looking for a picture on the net to link with my drawing my dad pointed out that my drawing rather resembled the macaroni penguin which discovery I can tell you made me really upset and I insisted on me being a royal so dad found a possible solution on Wikipedia and I have him copy the proof for my sake and it says my drawn penguin is very closely related to the Royal Penguin, and some authorities consider the two to be a single species! and that’s enough for me. thanks dad dismissed. So it shows me on an ice floe somewhere at the antarctic peninsula. aliz who played my teacher asked me to make my portray and she was so satisfied with my work that she gave me the best mark (5) as you can see at the bottom of the page, right hand side.

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