2010. március 28., vasárnap

The Incredible Félix Lajkó

last week I mean this Friday I saw lajkó félix in concert at the local library. it was mum’s last minute idea to go so we didn’t get the best seats however ours were only four rows from the front but quite on the side. and unfortunately felix and his viola player fellow settled down at the far side of the stage. he plays the violin like no one I tell you. what a pity sometimes he was so twirling that he so often got his back to me and I wasn’t able to learn his way of handling the instrument accurately but it was an excellent performance anyway. I could even take a couple of pictures too even though I’d have zoomed in a bit more precisely as you surely can see. I’ve no video to share but to satisfied your need I link one of my favorite available in youtube (he plays the zither too):

And if it still not enough you can check out my mum’s short film here. I like her animation it’s like closing your eyes while listening to him playing and the colors and the lines just begin to dance and you are there.

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