2010. március 7., vasárnap

Songs I'm in - White Lily

this is the first song I’m in and I like the singer's performance very much. I’ve already told you in a comment about the singer and the film she’s in in December yesteryear. I copy that so you don’t have to desperately search it. I wrote that: On Saturday I joined to my dad to watch a really interesting concert film. I don't know what her name is but she plays the electric violin and sometimes it was glowing and her mouth too. I'm going to ask father what her name is and tell you. I play the violin too. Now I know. her name and with a little help I managed to bring this song to you. it wasn’t my favorite cos she is not playing her violin and not even glowing from her mouth but this could be found on the internet and because of the white lily and cos it is so nice and sad too…

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