2011. január 1., szombat

... 1 ... happy new year!

it's 2011 and i got the numbers but too tired can't type much but i made it and still awake and now i have some little something doodledrawing of a kind and they are very quick i really drew them only to illustrate this moment how it feels to see our new number 2011 on the screen and really lots of 1s four of them so happy new year my friends jack and willie and daslav and justin and the witch and mum and i don't now oh tomás and rossichka and really all of you happy new year but i need some sleep now see you later and have some more fun

oh and here is an other one have its own story that i'll tell you later bye

3 megjegyzés:

  1. Your drawings are wonderful! I wish I could capture the fresh playfulness you do so well!

  2. Happy New Year, sweet girl! I'm veeeery tired, too, but in such moments I can't sleep, although I want to. If there's someone to take me to bed and to cover me with the blanket, maybe I would fall asleep in the minute, but no!:( The house is quiet and sleeping, so I must do it myself... But firstly I decided to drink some coffee and to blog for a while, 'cause I'm so impatient to read and say these VERY IMPORTANT THREE WORDS - "Happy New Year!" to my blogger-friends Have beautiful dreams, Lili, and tomorrow... Tomorrow morning is the New Beginning - full of hopes, nice expectations and exciting things to happen! Have a marvellous 2011!!! Very best wishes to you, your Mum and Dad!

  3. The little bear is feeling like a king! Is there something more to wish if you have honey and a soft bed?:0)