2011. január 3., hétfő

Resolution - from january 3

well i made only one new year's resolution to decrease the amount of chocolate i eat i mean i should and not cos of my teeth i brush them twice a day and no decay so far though gonna need braces but my getting roundish belly. no big deal though i mean i hate making this kind of resolutions but who knows maybe it'll work right?
but that's no the thing i really wanted to tell you i wanna tell you how it startred and it started with my two legs and i'm thinking now of a much more interesting resolution that'll be perfect for this year for me and it has something to do with those legs of mine so listen up now ready? so my resolution is that i'm gonna try harder to fly on my own not to touch the ground you know lift off like chriss angel cos he can no question and there's no invisible string or trick or something it is real magic so it might be the last time you can see my feet down on the ground. enjoy them!   
oh and hey andrew and you franklin sorry apple too your addresses please bye-bye

4 megjegyzés:

  1. I’d like to see you lift off the ground like Chris Angel. That would be cool! Happy New Year Lili!!!

  2. Heya Lilly well this a great. I love pictures of feet and legs. they give us a new perspective :) :)

    Thanks very much for my surprise present. I have been on hols but am back. My email is winging it's way ! see you !!

  3. Lili, well I am a twit I cannot even spell your name sorry. Are you doing much art work? I hope so, don't let your talent fallow eh?