2010. október 13., szerda

Transportation to Paris

geez long time no see and I’m feeling really bad to have let this blog thing of mine slightly slide but to be honest with you I just too much enjoyed my summer here and there and there was always something to play and my friends around and those place to go and things to do and when it accidentally crossed my mind from time to time to hit the keyboard I always washed it away with some good excuses like doing this and that instead though I just knew inside I was gonna feel this bad when time’s up and now I’m sitting here and don’t know what to really type in and don’t know it is cos there’s that much or that less to tell so the lines below are gonna be of my summer things that I still remember and paris is there for sure. so let’s do paris first.

july 2nd the first time I tried an airplane which happened to be one of easyjet’s and it was like on a rollercoaster and was quite noisy and rusty and my stomach had hard time when taking off and my ears were like bugged or something and that bug only left when I screamed a little from there it was an easy riding or flying and it was I don’t know how to say how huge it was being sky high like an acrobat on high wire and the world under looked so you know like regular like patches on a soft cushion and then came the alps with snow white tops and the pilot said it was france already and mother and me started to look for paris and there came even bigger patches one after the other and none of them happened to be our city though we sometimes thought we actually spotted the Eiffel tower and those monuments out of our guide book but we were obviously wrong and then all of a sudden it happened and we were there. in paris. finally.

or not exactly coz first we had to take a train that had no driver and we were riding through grassy green fields and I saw a sleeping concord that was able to crack the speed of sound and it’s really only a narrow tube with a drooping pointing needle nose. however once in my lifetime I’d surely give it a go. but anyway. the train dropped us out at a crowded station and there were lots of black people some of them dressed in shiny colored sheets and felt like Africa but here they were somehow strange and funny and I even choked back a little chuckle too cos I didn’t want to wound their feelings. the train we took from there was fully loaded with those strange sheet covered people some were talking some were deep inside their bulky headphones and some big ladies with pearls in their strange hairdos smiled at me and said something i couldn’t understand but sure they meant I was pretty or cute or something like that and smiled back however it was sweaty smell all around and people bouncing to each other but no one said a word about it just mum who real badly needed that fresh air I was so-so while dad was fighting with our luggage and stuff but he was okay with that I guessed.

then we got off at a much bigger station really it was like a mystique maze with lots of ups and downs and steps and gates that trap you if you don’t watch out and mostly if you are not quick enough with your pass and it hurts I can tell you coz I experienced that all. and there we had to find our next subway train to the hotel and it was not an easy job to do but dad found a girl who could show us the way so we jumped on and went on to find our way to the surface and after a couple of stations we saw the sun and the grey clouds packed with rain and by the time we reached our final station it had been raining hard but at least saw the neon sign of the hotel beneath a couple of streets above the rooftops but it was raining and we didn’t know how next and what next and then a tall black man standing by the exit came to us and started to talk to us in French and pointed his fingers this way and that way and we said we didn’t understand a word but he just kept on pointing and bubbling those bubbling words and then he took a big piece of our luggage and with one arm waving led us to his car packed us in and drove us to the nearby hotel and said otel otel you otel and then dad wanted to pay for the lift but he said no no and was waving no no and free free and then as leaving he said to me smiling welcome to paris and it was strange to suddenly understand what he said and I just felt like shouting back welcome to paris too.

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  1. Salut, Lili! It's so nice to see you're here again - safe and happy with your summer memories! I was worrying a little about you, but I was sure that sooner or later you'll appear to say "hello!" to us all.
    It was quite exciting to read about your arrival in Paris, I do hope you three spent a lovely vacation there!
    There's nothing bad that you didn't find time for the blog, on the contrary! For a girl at your age most important are the games, of course, and all the other things that you like to do and that bring you joy!
    Still, I'll be very glad to read your wonderful posts and to see your beautiful drawings from time to time!:0)

  2. Oh, and Happy Birthday! I wish you sunny days and loving people next to you!

  3. Hey Lili! How have you been? Happy Birthday! I love your idea nad illustration this week! Great story too! Hip hip horray!!