2010. október 29., péntek

Halloween & Pumpkin pie

okay i know this post has been available for a couple of weeks but with no text i thought it was just too lame and it might have been the reason of the lack of comments too or maybe not but anyway i decided yesterday not to leave it this way. okay i know it's november and 16th and you probably not interested anymore in past things but this halloween was just too good to let go without saving a bit of it here so here come some pictures that picture me and not in my trick or treat spider witch costume but my second prize i won in the cook a pumpkin pie section of the local halloween party. okay mam did the bigger part of the job coz i was busy to get the candies but she entered the pie under my name though i can even hardly be considered her apprentice. our pies looked like a cemetry on the tray and the head of each grave was made out of rusk with chocolate cross on it and mam made paper ghost for each and every grave so looked really really good. for me the pie was too sweet but people liked it a lot and that's what it did count at the end of the day. oh and the prize! it was a certificate i scanned to show you and a big and heavy carved pumpkin. i carved my own pumpkin lantern too and mam did hers and i can show you a picture of them and i think they are well done. so that was the story of this year's helloween and i almost forgot to tell you how good book i've been reading and it's nail gaiman's graveyard book but the best i guess is caroline both the movie and the book is amazing. okey so as i promised here are the pies we are very proud of. enjoy it! bye

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