2011. december 7., szerda

More about me and animals

Okay! More about me and the animals. I love most of them. Some I like more and some I like even more than that. Most I love is dog.
My Kaci sleeps most of the time
Any kind of dog but big playful dogs like Rottweilers beat all of the others. Zeno down the road for example. He’s a dear pet and extremely good at fetching. Once stole my sandwich though. Unfortunately we don’t have garden big enough to keep one that big so we picked Kaci or maybe she picked us I’m no sure. not plays much. mostly just sleeps. but still a good buddy. can’t do tricks but I’m okay with that.

Gala in Paris
Checking out Idéfix
Love my bear as well. you know Galagonya Úr? I’ve already mentioned him, right? Mr. Hawthorn. kind of a teddy bear. with me for ages. guess a half year younger than me. on my phone there’s an application that switches things from positive to negative and I figured it out that all the living things appear on the screen in a warm color and guess what! Mister Hawthorn’s color turns into this and it was really a surprise I mean I’d kinda known or felt that he has a living soul but that was something like a real proof and mom said hey that’s something! I asked Jesus for a warm coat for him for Christmas.
We couldn't save her
Love penguins as well. Have drawn a lot. e. g. here. A macaroni / royal. Quite a good one I think. and yesterday I told you how to help them protect them from that oil mass. And of course bats. Once mom and me while walking Kaci found a bat creeping on the road. He was black and small like a matchbox. and wounded and we tried to save him took him home made him comfy called the vet too who gave him injection but passed away by morning. Oh and this summer tried to save a beautiful Aesculapian snake too but all in vain. It was sad cos pedestrians were screaming at it and kicked it like mad. The snake’d already made it cross the road however badly wounded but on the pavement it got trapped and all the people went berserk and we took it home but died shortly after on the grass. coughed up blood. it was really sad and quiet I mean the moment it passed away. we were around and helped her through. I think the snake was a lady. and we buried her by the hawthorn in our garden and was laid like a crescent hugging the tree. Oh but there's someone I did save! we found a carrier pigeon down by the Bükkös creak in really bad shape. barely could stand so we took him home. he was ringed and we checked his registered number in an online database then in no minute we got his owner and called him and told us to leave it alone cos it probably just hit a pole or something and in a couple of hours it will be good. So we took the pigeon up to the attic opened a window and gave him seeds and water. it was a safe place to get through the night with no cats or dogs around and next morning when we went up to see how he was doing he was sitting by the open window ready to take off. here is the picture we'd taken of him minutes before he  left us for good.
Before leaving he looked back to say thanks
"I'd like to save animals."
I guess I like all living creatures. and help them protect them and I tell you there’s a lot to do in a city like mine. I’d like to be a vet. maybe in Texas. I saw their rescue team on the telly. they do a lot saved a lot of animals. Mom likes my future plans and kind of pride of that and shared this homework of mine on the net (maybe you have to click on like if you wanna see mom said but it's in hungarian so you don't really need to follow that link) and said many people liked it and they were proud of me too which is good I think cos it shows that lots of people think of this the way I do and I think I’m right about it.

Anyaros' cows and a 3 days old baby calf
I don’t like hunting very much. I know there are places where it is a must do thing to survive and I like salami and that kind of goodies but also feel pity for the prey. I’m not a hunter type and think I can’t harm a living thing but I consider hunting to be a better choice than keeping animals like cows and the likes in those big farms as slaves waiting to be killed. I don’t know. Grandpa Anyaros has a lot of cows they are kept for milk. one of them even a prize winner. she’s a huge one. they have a wide open field for wandering but must spend lots of time in a big barn where they’re surrounded by bar gates and there being born as a bull is not much of any kind of luck. calves can’t stay with their moms too long and most of the male ones only live a few weeks then they become liver paste and things like that. Anyaros says that’s the way it goes cos people must eat meat too and the earth is a very crowded place with lots of hungry stomachs needed to be filled.  And I must confess that I like those salamis and things but if I could I’d save all of the calves too. well I can’t but I always hug and kiss them whenever I’m down there.

Poor boar...
Last weekend dad took me to a pig killing which is an old tradition around here. this one lasted a couple of days but we managed to get there on the second day cos the day before I had a violin concert with our string orchestra. there were a domestic pig and a wild boar too. when we arrived those two were in pieces and the sausage filling was about to happen in which I took part and kind of enjoyed it. that raw meat was quite tasty actually but those sausages will have to be put in the smoking chamber and other things were buried in salt. I had a closer look at the boar’s boiled skull and took out some of the teeth out of which I gonna make something nice maybe a necklace. I don’t know. Mom couldn’t come but later I told her the whole story which kinda made her sad I think cos she wept a bit over the death of those animals but I hugged her and told her that they died instantly and gave us a lot to eat through the winter through the year and it’s much more delicious than those wrapped up things at the mall. so I think it was worth it and actually I had a real good time with my cousins.
One of my cousine and me
This gonna be a real tasty sausage

Okay I wrote that much cos tomorrow I probably won’t have the time and I still have to come up with something for illustration Friday. brigade is the word. oh and I couldn’t manage to create Kaci’s hat yesterday and I think gonna put it off for a while. and by the way santa put lots of chocolate in my boots even a cute little teddy bear was found so I think I’ve been good this year and I promise to write a lot in my blog. okay that’s all for now about me and the animals. See you later. Who knows? might be tomorrow…

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