2011. december 9., péntek

Illness, Music & St. Lucy

good day everybody! it’s 9th of December. time crawls real slow and to top it all I’ve been ill since Wednesday and when I’m saying ill I really mean it. We’ve just got back from the doc’s and i’m ordered to stay in bed through the next couple of days and there’s some real ugly pills to take too. and it’s sad cos I gonna miss st. Lucy’s day at school where this day is a fun market day and if I wasn’t that ill I could have carried my self-made goods to the school fair too. you know the big gym is the marketplace for this day where all students are allowed to sell and buy their own handmade stuffs during the breaks. great fun actually and I was going to present my self-designed lollypops but it is not gonna happen. (to see some of my last year's goodies click back here!) So here are 2 pictures one of them was taken on last year’s lucy eve and the other on the eve a year earlier when I was a second grader and on that pic I’m wearing a traditional kind of national costume (sweater is not part of that!) cos there is this folk custom on st lucy’s day you know accompanied by some singing and acting and I was part of that too.  
But I’ve got here something cooler too mom showed me on youtube and it’s really great. a girl like me at my age singing rolling in the deep with her brothers and it’s so cool and I wish I could sing that way but this song is really hard to sing right. you know what watch it now and I gonna go on with my story after that…
How was it? Hard to tell anything right? Lilla my best friend ever during our kindergarten years told me when she stayed here for a sleepover a few weeks ago it’s not a big deal she could have made it but I don’t think so. She’s just jealous but it’s okay. still love her. to be honest I’ve been trying to sing it constantly with no success. I’d like to study rock singing. but here at school we only do folk songs which is not a bad thing at all but it’d be great to learn rolling in the deep as well.
talking of folk songs I proudly tell you that I was picked to participate at a singing contest presented by my music school and we had to sing 2 Hungarian folk songs in front of the jury and it went well however my performance wasn’t perfect enough to get a prize. but all of the participants got a nice  certificate. I scanned it and the noted folk song on it was collected by Kodály something like 100 years ago and it is his handwriting.
Oh and finally mom and dad allowed me to present here my first ever violin performance on stage which is very funny for me to watch now and I tell you it really gives me that pink flush over my cheeks but I’m proud of it at the same time. It took place something like 3 years ago and there was santa in town and I played in front of him. Just imagine!

the truth is I’d have liked to play the guitar but there was no guitar class launched at that time so I play the violin. actually dad found a private guitar player for me but he was a man and I saw him playing in his band in that summer and he made those faces while playing and it was quite strange so I said no but now I regret to have turned him down. But you know I was just a kindergartener. but I have my guitar and I remember the time it was bought and as we got home I started to play it in our garden at that very moment. Here it is. I attached the video here but I just hardly can watch myself it’s a bit embarrassing but I can deal with it and hey it’s fun right?


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  1. You playing the guitar is much better than the dead pig you posted below! :-) Maybe you will be the next lady gaga??