2011. december 1., csütörtök

Round - Sorry to keep you waiting...

I know it’s already December that’s more or less the start of winter up here in the northern hemisphere and I haven’t written much since summer though lots of things happened but haven’t felt like typing in the stories. you know school and stuff and found some other interesting things to spare my free time for too. I’m into farmerama right now. I'm not that obsessed kind of farmerama fan but i like to check in daily and it's fun cos i do it with my mom. she helps while I’m in school. we’re at level 22! Anyway been kind of busy these days weeks well months and see? it’s winter and dad said it was a shame you know, me to let you down stop checking you out your blog life. and now I really miss andy willy and all of you so I made a promise to type in my days from now on and have a look at your stuffs as well at least once in every single week and gonna click on illustration Friday too and if it was no enough I’ll tell you about the past 3 or 4 months of my life too in the forthcoming days. okay tomorrow I’m gonna start till then I’ve to sort out all the things have happened to me lately and might be interesting to put them down here. Right! so in this post I told you about this farmerama thing. if you play it too we could be neighbors in case you’d like to. I’m -lilike2- that’s my username. don’t forget the dashes! okay what else?... hm… well it may be enough for now. this evening I might come back and write some more and now I’ll go and find a picture to show you how I’m doing. see you! LiLi out  

This was actually an easy thing to draw. I got the tool out of a magic kinder egg you know that right? that chocolate egg with a gizmo toy in it. so in this kinder egg grandpa András gave me i found this drawing tool. a pen or pencil has to be placed in one of the holes on the frame and move it round in circle and it forms this kind of shapelike netlike endless line curving right round crossing itself. i guess it's a loop. it can be much thicker than this one and that'd look almost like no lines to be seen only a fully painted disk. in this case i drew only a loose loop and made it smile. very much like me.

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