2011. december 19., hétfő

Me & My Rumini - Flipbook

Finally! Dad did it! Kept his promise and created a flipbook version of my Rumini writeup. It's much better and nicer than i've expected it's like those fancy books on the net it's like turning real pages of a book and now it is my book and i'm very happy now. However i didn't quite like that much the book i wrote about actually but it's no a problemo for me cos last Friday with my class of 4.b as i mentioned in my last post we went to the theater and saw rumini on stage. a different rumini actually no mouse in it all played by humans and it was kind of cool i mean i liked it and think it was better than any of the rumini books. to bo frank with you i've only read 2 and a half of them so far so i might be wrong. Okay i can't type more cos we are about to go to iceskate. So see you later folks! LiLi out
Oh i forgot! You can check it out HERE! Big click if you're interested but i tell you it's in hungarian! well there are some old drawings of mine in it though. you may gonna find them funny for sure. maybe gonna be worth it. okay off i go and tell you i'm real real excited. 

3 megjegyzés:

  1. I love it! Superb pictures - you're an amazing artist!

  2. Beautiful! Of course, I don't understand a word, but I like the result with your charming illustrations. Congrats!
    By the way, my paperboy is a notice of an internet magazine in wich I did an illustration. The images are not for kids, too much blood, you know. If you want to see my illustration (is not for adults) you can see it in my facebook site.

  3. Love the book! I wish I could read it. :-) And thanks again for your critique, and definitely don't use any of those words that will get you grounded. Maybe once you are grown up. Keep drawing!! :-)