2011. december 6., kedd

Kaci & me

hey, have i mentioned that I’ve got a dog? I have one! She’s been around since summer and is adopted from the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter Foundation. It’s a Yorkshire terrier similar in appearance to a dwarflike fox. we gave her the name Kacifánt. No sure how to translate it. my dictionary says convolution is the right word but it sounds a bit grrr to me I mean pronouncing it feels like there’s no heart in it so but she can be called Kacat too which is jumble in English if I’m right but anyway we just call her Kaci for short.  it’s all cos at the beginning she was kinda hard to figure out and looked very shabby and unkempt and shy and full of fears. No sure how old she is. I guess old. very old. and so tiny and loveable and has a coat too but hardly enjoy socializing with other dogs. Not really. rather likes sticking with us her new pack even though she’s not that kind of outdoor type. Hates rain and winter and smoke and prams but what she loves more than anything else is mom. there’s a bond and that is plain as the nose on your face I mean it is that obvious but I’m not jealous cos she licks my fingers all the same. little stinky but we are still happy to have her around at last. Okay. you might be curious why I’m writing all of this post about Kaci right now. Well, it’s cos I am busy designing her warm santa hat. I’ve got some idea but no sure what to do with those ears. I’ve already made a couple of sketches (I scanned a page you can see here below) and actually sawed a prototype with no success. to be frank dogs ain’t like this kind of gear. coat seems okay and useful hat doesn’t. nevertheless I decided to make one for santa which is tonight. maybe she’ll change her mind and wear it sometimes. no pressure though. anyway it could come in handy. for example do you remember those penguins trapped by that leaking oil tanker? poor things trying to get rid of that deadly poison using their beak but were not able to without swallowing part of it which is the end for a feathery thing like a penguin. but good people from all around the world knitted little survivor suits to protect the birds until the rescue teams managed to wash that oil off one by one. seen the pictures of those queuing penguins dressed in those fancy knitted gears waiting for being washed? well that was really heartwarming. I wish I’d knit. grandma can. I think I’m gonna give it a try. Well lots of words for a day. guess that is enough. hope you are okay with them. See you later. Bye!

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