2011. december 8., csütörtök

Brigade - The Chickens

The Chickens
Alize, Juli and me, Lili
hey guys finally it’s done. I thought I’d not come up with any material for brigade cos the hours were ticking away fast and now I got it. our brigade. the Chickens. it’s a school thing. There is this competition, a general thing – math, grammar, literature, and so on all in one quite a thick pile of paper to fill out month after month during this semester I tell you, so here’s this competition open to elementary students and all of these students of our grade level form 3 piece teams at their school to work together on these papers. So our team was named by Juli and we became The Chickens. I think it’s quite a brigade and I drew here a lettering piece our names and it is inspired by williebaronet (again and again) and I put our pictures below my williewritings matched by our names. First I wanted to use other pictures of us but mom said we were not allowed without the permissions of Juli’s and Aliez’s mother so she helped me to make them unidentifiable by using her photoshop. So that’s the story behind my picture. hope you’ll like it. bye lili out!

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  1. Hi Lili. How do you do? In my video, a spanish architect dreams about a couple who commissions him a big house's project... At the end, he´s living in the cruel reality.

  2. Greetings Lili!
    Welcome back. You know just yesterday I was showing a friend the wonderful package you sent me and we were admiring your work together. You are so talented and clever! You are very lucky - and you have good brains.

    Thank you for watching my video. Yes you are right it is TOO long :) and the music does not match! And yes the last illustration is confusing.

    Not like yours! Yours is clear and straight to the point. Like your writing!

    Good luck with the competition. I am sure the Chickens will be a brigade worth belonging to!

    Anyway, how are you? Are you well? And studying hard I hope?

    see you

    from down under :)

    PS that old bloke in my avatar isn't me!

  3. Hi Lili, welcome back! I like your explanations as much as the work. Good luck with the competition (and more drawings soon, please, I hope).

  4. Lili! I love this, and thank you so much for saying I inspired you. :-) Yes, I still follow your blog but I use a different blog follow tool called bloglines. You are inspiring to me too! Keep it up. And I was glad to learn about the pig, and that your Mom doesn't like hurting animals. I do love pork!

    Keep up the great work!!