2011. december 12., hétfő


Victor looking like Edward
After finally I got the chance to watch the first 3 films of the Twilight saga a couple of weeks ago yesterday Zsófi and me had a look at the 4th one cos Zsófi's father has it on his laptop. the quality was real bad i mean i could hear some laughing and even people were chatting in the background so it wasn't a good one but i just couldn't resist the whole thing is so thrilling all the movies though we didn't watch this last one from the beginning to the end cos Zsófi had already seen it and she jumped through the boring scenes. not a big deal i'm gonna go to the movies and watch it again with my parents. They were a bit upset about me watching the film and they were not knowing about it but i said they'd just let me see the first 3 so i tought they might be okay with me watching it without them watching it first. and dad said we'd go to the cinema and watch it on big screen cos it'd be much cooler so i can't wait. for the last couple of weeks I've been a big twilight fan. My favourit is alice's character and  Jacob. i know from dóri that he was sharkboy in that other movie. Edward is kind of i don't know i think jacob is more handsome. i can't post any drawings of him only of Edward. Actually i drew it several months ago and it is not edward at all but i think it could be. he is victor from corpse bride which is another excellent movie i used to watch louds of times. i didn't finish it cos i thought it was a failed one but now it just resembles edward very much this paleness very much of a vampire. as mom and i were about to go off to ice skate i told dad that i wish i were a vampire but dad said rather not. and this is my favourite vampire song and it's of antsy pants and without that fword in the clip it'd be a perfect match. 

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