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About the bird

Ticket to Ferrit Island
Today we went to the Hungarian Theater to see Rumini on the stage. our whole class. the 4.b. It was a surprise thing a reward for us having collected the most recyclable paper this year. only the parents were let into this but they kept mum about it and for now i wanted to post my write up about Rumini the book we've read this semester at school but dad said he was busy at the moment to help me out with this cos it's quite long and it'd be better to create a flipping book out of it but we don't have the tool so he must search it on the net. he suggested posting something about animals this time it might have been of birdies.
I'm the nightingale and talking to a silly parrot
Actually it is a good topic. i even played a nightingale in a puppetshow in english camp this summer i mean i was a puppeteer and beside the nightingale i played one more role in that very same play but i can't remember now which it was. i like birds. for example crows have arrived at szentendre. they are like thick kinda birds you sure know they are like grazing through the town and parks picking up any kind of things they could find sometimes it's very funny as they try to crack up things like lost toys and things like that. At early dawn i saw a crow on the top of  a tall tree singing in a cracked voice and the bird was alone and lonely and me on my way to school i mean rorate but I found that voice nice in that greyness of the morning and however was real harsh but it sounded kinda clear too cos there was no sound only his and no cars no wind no barking, no people, no buzzing only that crow singing and i think it was nice. maybe sad too but it may be only cos of that awful smell of this early winter you know that chimney smell right? it was like the first bird in town after santa had gone home. oh and i've started to work on a picture of santa as a young boy.

Mother jay...
That moth I was talking about
okay and now it just comes to my mind that a few days ago i wrote of the szender of our garden or you might call it hummingbird hawkmoth. i don't know if it's correct or not it's on the wikipedia. Well not a bird but the most beautiful birdlike moth. anyway i found a picture of it on mom's computer and it was taken by her this summer in our garden and i just thought i'd share it and i bumped into our jays too that had invaded our place and killed lots of baby blackbirds. we saw lots of fight and blackbirds hardly won. this picture dad took shows some youngsters waiting by our pond for their parents to come back from hunting i think they were being taught they are quite nice i guess i like birds of this size. crows and jays. of course you could add here the pigeon i saved and mentioned in an older post of mine and all the penguins I've ever happened to draw and I tell you I've drawn a real lot. 
...and the sons

oh and you know what? i like elmo singing elmo's song which is big bird's song too. and that's really lovely makes me dance and sing along. oh you must see it!

and one real funny pal is peter griffin. dad likes it too and sometimes when he watches it on comedy central and mom's taking a bath he lets me join for some funny parts and one of my favourite is peter singing bird is the word surfing birds peter gonna tell you about the birds it's just so mad and insane and funny that bird dance i just love it and laugh it when i'm allowed to watch it.

oh i've got a lot in mind of birds see? if i had a couple of more minutes for blogging i could write a lot more but i'm ordered to go and take a shower so have to say see you later and hopefully with my rumini book having been posted. bye!

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