2011. december 11., vasárnap


When blue is out of reach...

Actually i've got lots of idea of separation. I consider it as an easy task to do. The one above was drawn after I'd seen Grrramone Williebaronet's interpretation of his giant being separeted from his own reflection in the mirror. My white giant doesn't need mirror to know it's a white giant. in his mirror everything is just pure white anyway but this white giant of mine sometimes when its eyes are closed feels that there is something not white outside somewhere i mean it doesn't call it a certain color cos in its world all exists in white even his mind works in white but when its eyelids are down this whiteness weakens and something else can be sensed so that's one thing that makes my giant being feel separated.   

Okay i've got here something called love or attachment don't know how to translate the title of this poem my great grandpa wrote about a pear that grew ripe and fell to the ground and the twig felt relief to be relieved of its burden but then the lack of its load became to grow into a void inside and now that the hailstorm have broke it off the tree and the little twig's lying beneath beside the pear can feel real relief.  

I drew the pear and mom put on the colors and set off the outlines and it really looks nicer and we gave this to great grandpa for christmas like 4 or 5 years ago. i think he was 80 or 85 at that time. i don't know he's very old. My original drawing was made a couple of years earlier though. I was not even a kindergartener i guess.

Okay and this last one I promised willie to post and it is a cartoon we made together mom and dad and me and it's called rainbow bunny. We drew it together. sure it is obvious which part was my work. okay some help. the hedgehog and the typing was put down by father so the biggest part was mom's and mine. don't know how the story came probably was created by the three of us of a lost rainbow bunny. actually in hungarian the story sounds much better. i mean rainbow bunny is not the proper word for Szivárványos Musz-musz. hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do.  

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  1. Lili, very nice work! And thanks for the kind words. :-) I really love the story of the pear and the twig. Very touching. Keep up the great work! You are already a creative force. I suspect you are going to change the world. :-)


  2. Lili of the Valley, of course i remember you and thanks for remembering me. So your giant feels being separated from his innocent and pure reality when he closes his eyes, what has gotten into him lately? too much caffeine perhaps? i've heard of being separated from reality is called depersonalization, it occurs because of caffeine or just psychological things, i don't know. when i feel separated from reality and myself i just can't sleep let alone close my eyes because i think that is the moment when i am in love and finally reality is better than my dreams so i prefer staying up.

    as for my octopus drawing, yes, i needed 2 pieces of papers because the tentacles are like longer than i can imagine, thank you for calling it funny, i really appreciate it.

    as for my latest drawing, you were right it was a bee, and he was madly in love with the girl but there was such distance between them and it was complicated.
    "Breathe me in, i'm yours to keep" said she, to the bee.

  3. well i'm a not a dog person, a dog once chased after me when i was little and it was like a nightmare, but say hello to Kaci ok. Remember me Lili, bye.