2012. január 19., csütörtök


Bye-bye winterclouds happiness is all around!
Winter's not been over yet and not even showed his real freezing self so far which means no snowmen no sledging and boys couldn't declare no snowball war on us but deep inside I can feel spring's on her way and beneath this greyness i can sense that all the little things are starting preparing for her arrival but now it's just confusing cos all around seems like kinda messy all in dirt the streets and people are like you know not smiling but in the hurry. And me well i'm tired a bit too there's a lot to study i can tell you but i am still able to smile and feel no need to rush. All i miss is green it'd make my day for sure but I'm okay with it I can wait. till then i'll prepare. this quick drawing i made by ArtRage is about my waiting for spring and that happy sunshine. see you later oh and don't forget to be prepared! Lili out

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  1. It's warm here too for being in the middle of winter! Hope that it gets cold again soon. :-) And thanks for your comments on my illo. That wasn't meant to be scary, it was just a statement about how I sometimes feel before an art critique. I guess it's about my fears of not being good enough. :-) Willie out!