2012. január 26., csütörtök


okay that's my twirl thing and it is gombóc artúr from pom pom and he's wearing those twin brother shoes that are always fighting quarrelling which makes my gombóc artúr twirl like a chocolate barel. okay what else well yes i drew it by pencil and later on colored it using photoshop not my artrage and this time i played a bit with that opacity bar and it became kinda watercolorish. i finished it on monday but have had a lot to study this week so my artúr was posponed over and over again. Hope you'll like it. Bye LiLi out 

3 megjegyzés:

  1. I don't know who that is, or what pom pom is, but he looks like a pretty cool dude to me. He looks a little confused, but who doesn't?

  2. His shawl, hair and wing show he's really twirling!:) And he's having fun... Hello, Lili! I'm back after quite a long time and I'm glad to be your "guest"!