2012. február 24., péntek

Fluid state

When fluidity throws 2 living souls together
I've got this for fluid and done by pencil and put some modest shading too. it pictures a gently snoozing polar bear on a robust ice-floe while a penguin's drifting closer and closer and he's getting more and more anxious cos he's been told of the polar bear and it was quite scary but i tell you this bear is kind and friendly so there'd have been no need to be worried but at this very moment my bird ain't know nothing about it.
oh yes the fluidity! it's the big melting the ice is getting thiner and thiner and this lost penguin's is just so tiny that he's standing on tiptoe and needs new accomodations somehow sooner rather than later and the ocean drift freezing fluid makes this encounter kinda inevitable.   

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