2012. február 6., hétfő

Suspense and one of those Songs I'm in - Lily, Rosemary and The Jack Of Hearts

Dylan in the morning with Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts

yes there's a lily in there this song that is a bit confusing no really sure what it's all about i mean hardly can match the pieces and the names and there was a murder and a knife and this lily likes playing 5 card stud but has no luck as she drew up the Jack of heart. i think it's a good song to listen to cos it just goes on and on and on endlessly and just pulling you and you kinda get lost a bit and then all of a suddan there's this knife thing out of nowhere and it ends in hanging rosmemary and this jack of heats is nowhere to be found. so what do you think? it just makes me flummoxed but it's weird cos it's like getting up early in a winter morning and it's freezing cold to the bone outside and in your head you are still in that dream of yours you can't really recall now and in the kitchen mum's warming up some milk and you don't know what you should do next and i think this is the same moment that led this singer to write a song like this and the words of it. and i found lots of funny pictures of this man who became very old on the way but then in black and white he must have been real funny. look at his hair for instance. First i wanted to link the song from youtube but this time couldn't find one interesting enough. a couple of months ago there was a good one but it's no available anymore. So i deceided to draw something that shows how a song like that of lily and jack and the cabaret might be born. to be frank dad googled a photo of this singer called dylan that pictures him this way and we agreed that it'd fit so it's done by pencil and i chose to color only his hair cos it made him so special to me on those pictures and i used brown aquarelle pencil and by a few drop of water made it look watercolorish and used it on his coffee too cos the scent of it matches perfectly the winter mornings just like my mum's and on my drawing my bob dylan no sure that he wants to put down the story the way it'd been in his head. that's why we can't ever know who really killed that man.
Well first i wanted to use this post as part of my songs i'm in section but dad said he thought this drawing of mine could kinda say something about suspense too and i said i was no that sure and than he tried to explane what he meant but i could not follow and just let it be shared on illustration friday too and we will see how it ends. 
okay what else? well hope the player will work. daddy's responsible for it...
Oh and one more important thing. I'd like to dedicate this post to tomas serrano cos i tried something here he's made on his blog lately. doing some portraits. hope he'll like my first real attempt. Okay that's all for now. See you later and bye!

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  1. Thank you very much, Lily. I'm so happy with your dedication (and Dylan too, if he see it, with your kind vision of his nose). You know I like your drawings and this is fantastic. It remains me the drawings of my children at your age (and they are very amazing artists now).
    And don't worry about Newt Gingrich: nobody knows him, ha, ha, ha...

  2. Great job lili! And great song by Bob Dylan. I didn't know you were so famous. :-) No, I don't know hungarian, but I'm very excited for the competition you mentioned. I hope you win! And thanks for the kind words about my lettering. And the G. And the eyelashes.

    And be sure not to breathe in any snow. :-)

  3. Heya LiLI

    Well I am at work so I cannot play the song but I know it and is a grande song and I think that you have done Bob Dylan justice and made him even more handsome than he was! I like the angle of the composition and the way he is thinking. You know we have a famous painter here (dead) who made a picture like yours and for the hair he cut his own hair and stuck it on his drawing! How cool is that? And your drawing looks a bit like his.. did I say that?

    You caught me by suprise putting another drawing up so quickly.

    !! Godd on you :)

    Good luck in the comp! I will be out of my studio for a few weeks (gardening!) so I will call in when I get back.

    see you :)

  4. I like the drawing too, Lili. You're right, it feels just like that time when your body is awake and getting ready for the day but your mind is still following dreams, and in between the you that is you has to wait for them to get back together before being you again.

  5. What an illustration! He might have drunk a lot of coffee that day, dear Bob Dylan!:) Or maybe his coffee got frozen in the cup and the food remained untouched... I haven't heard that song before, but right now my eyes are closing, so it's obviously not the best moment for listening to this long story, full of suspense and tension.:)
    I like the mood of the picture, Lili, and the two brown accents!
    Give my regards to your dad!

  6. Can't wait to see your cut out letter drawing. :-) And by the way, the letters that you see in the figures in the post I did on Illustration Friday are pieces of cardboard signs that I bought from homeless people. In the US it is common for people who are homeless to stand on street corners holding signs asking for help, and for many years I've been buying and collecting these signs to use in artwork. Someday I will show you photos of some of that! Stay warm this weekend. :-) Willie out.

    1. i've already posted it
      what do you think?
      dady said it's like a toothache

  7. good morning lili-of-the-valley you are so very kind to me thanks alot, you make me happy!!!!!

    the player works and i am enjoying the song while working and having my morning coffee of course!