2012. február 17., péntek

Popularity - Dream about a mustached cat

katy perry dressed in bra and fancy letters
dreaming of a mustached cat
Okay i'm gonna be quick this time got only a couple of hours left for this drawing to post on If so i tell you the story. it was willie and his drawing of suspense and his bodies covered by writings which i found kinda interesting and we started to talk about this and willie told me those writings had come from homeless people they'd been given money for those boards that now willie applied between his lines and i guess it was important to him to use those boards this way cos i think he's not that kind of person who gives up on them and i spotted on his blog that we are all homeless picture and then it came home to me that i might use one of my drawing to express this. 
so my work at the begining was about a singer called katy perry cos i was at this birthsdayparty of lilla my best friend during our kindergarten years and now we attened different schools but she invited me to her party and all the girls i hadn't met before were listening to katy perry whose songs i was no so familiar with so i played a lot with the boys instead and it was great fun and all the time i tried to talk to or play with lilla there came this girl one of lilla's schoolmates and she always pulled her away from me cos she told that she'd been her new best friend for a long time. so when i heared this new topic popularity i thought katy perry might popular enough to use for this. and as willie suggested i wanted to put on cut out papers but couldn't find any good enough and had no much time after school for this collage techinique and then mum gave me a helping hand actually it was her who finally put on those cut out pieces but showed me on the way how to use photoshop for this and i could create my 100% own picture later but this one can be considered as 70 and 30%. and i think my part is that 70%. so we used old writings of 2 of my ancestors who lived so many years ago and whose handwritings are very beautiful. okay i know there's no homeless boards involved in this one but i couldn't manage to get any and dad said no way anyway. actually they don't usually have those boards around here but we give or buy them food especially this time of the year. by the ikea mum always buys them hotdogs and always buys junky little gizmos from them like you know gizmos.
okay let's cut back to popularity. this image of katy perry is just about it. however blanketed by beautiful letters beyond that she's just like a homeless alien like lady gaga. these days my favorite song's been here i am by bryan adams from the movie spirit. just been in my ears and can't help but sing it all the time. i like that horse in the film. i like horses and this one is just beautiful. okay i'm off to school where there's a costume ball this afternoon and i gonna be a mexican girl wearing a widebrimed sombrero. i chose the costume myself. it took half an hour but worth it. okay really go now LiLi out. 

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  1. Well, popularity has its price - for example never to have a moustached cat...:( Your post has several stories in it, so I read it twice, Lili! I like the idea of using written pieces of paper - and the handwriting is really beautiful! Your Katy Perry is quite sad, but it's understandable...
    The new best friend of your ex-friend maybe was jealous and afraid not to lose her, don't you think? One never knows about friendships... My son and his first best friend in high school used to be friends in the kindergarden. C'est la vie...
    I believe you were a charming Mexican girl and had fun at the ball! Have a happy new week!!

  2. Lili, I love it! The outfit, the cat and the story behind it. My favorite Katy Perry song is teenage romance, which is one the ringtones on my phone. :-) You did a great job with the technique, too. Can't wait to see a photo of you in the sombrero!! Willie out.