2012. február 22., szerda

Me In the Sombrero

A girl in sombrero
okay willie your request is granted and here's the photo of me in the sombrero wearing it like a mexican girl on a hot summer day. i liked it and mum made cakes cos the girls were responsible for the food and the boys brought the drink. and my cakes are not those sweetened ones but i don't know its name in english and it's roundish we call it pogácsa and letter cs is pronanced like the ch in chimpanzee and á i don't know whether you have this one it's like pronancing my without the m and the y only the one between. see that is an á. 

Zsombi (4) & Gergő (6)
Light saber & wooden spoon
on this other picture above my cousines can be seen in their kindergarden on the same day. darth vader is zsombi the other one is gergő who is a chef. they sent me this via email. they are very funny right? especially zsombi he's such a character. oh i love them!
okay a bit more about my school party. zsófi was a pirate and actually there were quite many pirates this year. balu dressed like a doctor and ágó was a wounded soldier and balu tried to save his life and he brought an old army stretcher that had been used in some war and balu said more then 80 soldiers had died on it and if you looked at it very closely you could spot some faint blood stain on it. marci was an exhausted daddy cos his father's been kinda weary these days. marci has 4 brothers and sisters and the youngest is only several months old and cries a lot. oh and our teachers were lumbermen. 
there was a lot of funny game too. we shaved balloons and my didn't burst! and everyone was allowed to present her or his favourite music and i chose here I am. and danced a lot as well and drunken sailor was the best i guess. funny dance indead and i plan to play it on the violin too cos it just tickles the ear. 

i see this version is not appropriate but i couldn't find the one we'd sung in the classroom. this one is very funny though. and darth vader is in it too doing that funny dance. i laughed a lot. 
oh and at the end of the day i watched one of the pirates of the caribbean movies. so i tell you willie the day was perfect. hope you like it. bye everybody LiLi out

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  1. Dear Lili, you look beautiful in your sombero, just as I had imagined!:)It seems you had a crazy party, full of fun and laugh!... Great! I like the costumes of your cousins and it was interesting to read about how some of your friends were disguised. We have a summer carnival in my town, I can send you some photos, when the time comes, if you want...
    The song is funny and I think it is very suitable for a violin playing!]Bye and have a lovely Friday!!

  2. Lili, love your sombrero! Sounds like a fun day and a great party. And thanks for teaching me how to pronounce certain letters. :-) The video is funny too! Hey, by the way, are you on Facebook or flickr? If so, let me know or search for my name. I have some photos of a color run that happened in Dallas this past weekend that I think you will love. It was a 5K run where people through colored powder on the runners who were all dressed in white.

    Keep up the great work! :-)

  3. I forgot,Lili! We knead "pogacha" [po'gacha] in Bulgaria. It's quite delicious. Here are some photos - is it the same?

    1. no not one of these
      what mum made didn't look like these at all. yours are kinda look like they were made by a crafty baker but mum's were quite simple and she used goat's milk cottage cheese in it and its size is like that you can do by a cake cutter maybe third of my palm or something like that
      anyway i googled it yesterday and found this one mum's were something like that

  4. But still it's so strange and nice that we use one and the same word for somehing delicious, that is made with flour, issn't it, Lili?:)